New And Interesting Home Interior Design Styles For You To Try

New And Interesting Home Interior Design Styles For You To Try

The world of home interior design is constantly evolving. Some old styles can re-emerge and become popular again, and some new ones regularly appear with their own distinctive features or combinations of existing interior design styles. We’ve selected some new and interesting home interior design styles that you could try for your home, ideal for those looking to renovate their home with something fresh, unique and unexpected.


The African interior design style is a relative newcomer to the world of home interior design. Just as the name suggests, the style focuses on all things African. 

Although the continent is large and consists of many nations and cultures, one thing is certain. This less-known style is inspired mainly by nature, traditional carvings, earthy tones, and wild animals. So from furniture to floors to decorations and furnishings, expect mixed patterns and exoticism. 

For example, an African home interior design style may have a sandstone floor with a hand-made rug, a white wall with hardwoods backdrop, mahogany furniture, and unique decorations such as masks and wildlife animals to highlight a big part of the African continent.  

Space Age

This is for those homeowners that don’t mind going big and taking their home interior design in Singapore to the next level.

Space Age homes are inspired by planets, UFOs, capsules, and everything in between. It celebrates the culture of space and its technology. Therefore, furnishings in space age homes are futuristic, bold, and quirky-looking. 

There are chairs shaped like a pod or capsules, and ceilings are decorated with planet-like or moon-like lightings. Colour wise, white, grey, and vibrant colours such as bright red, purple, or yellow congregate with each other. There are also clean lines and unusual architectural shapes around the space, which goes well with the eccentric decorations and colours that pop. 

New Nordic

You’ve probably heard of Scandinavian interior design before. But how about New Nordic? This interior design style can be considered as the “evolved” version of the popular Scandinavian design. This is because it has all the elements of Scandinavian style with its simplicity and neutral colors such as black and white. 

The new nordic introduces natural materials, organic shapes, and more earthy colours to the mix. The design is inspired by the Nordic winter ambiance and landscapes. The new blend of Scandinavian and New Nordic designs brings in more cosiness, clean and stylish aesthetics. 


Homeowners that would like to create a tranquil ambiance at their home should definitely check this style out. Zen is a type of Buddhism that practices meditation. However, in a slang manner, Zen often refers to the feeling of relaxation and peace. 

A home is indeed a place for you to unwind and relax. The Zen home interior design style can help you constitute that relaxed atmosphere. The style itself isn’t new, but it indeed is unique and, more importantly, an excellent choice for your home in Singapore. 

Zen homes incorporate earthy colours, a minimalistic approach, textures through furniture such as wooden flooring, and typically have big open windows to let the natural light in. 

Did any of the home interior design styles above inspire you? If the answer is a yes, don’t forget to get a hold of us! We know exactly how to renovate your home in Singapore in any style of your choosing. 

For more popular home interior design styles, check out our other articles in the blog section. 

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