Next-Generation Materials for the Kitchen to Embrace in 2023

Next-Generation Materials for the Kitchen to Embrace in 2023

Innovation is getting the world of home interior design to evolve rapidly, and often than not due to new technology and materials. Nowhere is it being more evident than in the kitchen. Smart appliances, intelligent lighting systems and innovative materials are all contributing to better experiences, reduced expenditure and easier maintenance than ever before.

So, what materials are best for the kitchen and should you invest in those over the course of 2023? Let’s find out!

Marble Lookalikes

We have previously discussed the greatness of marble and the characteristics that make it such an amazing choice for kitchen countertops.

Marble, however, is expensive. It’s also a porous type of stone that needs to undergo sealing before it becomes a good choice for the kitchen.

The good news is that marble lookalikes are available at a fraction of the cost. At the same time, many engineered materials have become very technologically-advanced. Not only do they look as good as genuine marble, such synthetic alternatives also have a number of properties that make them an amazing choice for the kitchen environment.

Marble alternatives are temperature-proof, non-porous, waterproof and very durable. As a result, they yield an excellent return on investment. Available in many colours and varieties, they deliver the uniqueness that comes with individual slabs of marble.

High Performance Plastics

These engineered materials are considered excellent choices for areas where they could be exposed to adverse influences (temperature, humidity).

High performance plastics like polyphenylene sulphide (PPS) have outstanding resistance to damage. PPS, for example, is unusually flexible, temperature and humidity-resistant. Also, there are no known solvents for PPS, making it completely indestructible following exposure to chemicals.

Kitchen utensils and coatings made of such high performance plastics will give you an affordable renovation that produces very long-lasting results.


Terrazzo is another engineered material that gives you the best of both worlds – the natural and the synthetic.

It is crafted from cement and fragments of natural stone.

Because of these characteristics, terrazzo is one of the most affordable kitchen materials for the creation of backsplashes, countertops and decorative elements. Each piece has a distinctive appearance and design. Terrazzo is also very resilient and easy to maintain in an impeccable condition.

Terrazzo panels can also be sanded down. In time, such a quick procedure can easily freshen their appearance and give them a bit of the sparkle that was previously lost.


Are you focused on reducing your home’s carbon footprint? If so, choose an innovative material like paperstone in 2023.

This is a really cool option that can have multiple uses in the kitchen. Paperstone is entirely made of recycled office paper and water-based resins. Processing occurs in such a way that the material becomes very reminiscent of natural stone. It is also very sturdy, waterproof, shock and crack-resistant.

Like many other engineered materials, paperstone is available in a variety of shades and patterns. It gives you variety, plus the feel-good vibes linked to using recycled materials for your sustainable space.


To a sense, Viroc is similar to terrazzo.

It is a synthetic material that consists of cement and pine wood.

The two get mixed together and forcefully compressed. The end result can look like natural wood or it can resemble the appearance of stone.

Because of its toughness and versatility, Viroc is a perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor projects. The strength of cement works with flexibility of wood to give this composite material unique toughness. In addition, Viroc is UV-resistant (it’s not going to fade due to sunlight exposure), fireproof and completely non-toxic. Viroc is also free from VoC, which turns it in a perfect sustainable material.

Kitchen innovation is easy to achieve, as long as you have the right concept and a interior design partner to bring it to reality. Contact Home Guide if you’re dreaming of the perfectly streamlined, functional home kitchen delivered by the best home renovation contractor in Singapore. We’ll come up with a tailored process that gives you the ideal layout, design and materials selection.

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