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Your office environment impacts just about every aspect of running a business – from building your brand to ensuring employee productivity. Through time, office design specifics have undergone numerous changes. From the modest cubicle, to open spaces and functional, multi-purpose and hybrid premises – we’ve gone through it all.

Whether you’re entering a brand new office or you’ve been occupying the same space for many years, chances are that you’re considering an upgrade.

Carrying out an office interior design and renovation project in Singapore provides excellent opportunities to make your workspace better but you’re also likely to face a number of challenges. Having the right office renovation partner to guide you through those will yield the outcome you are envisioning without breaking the bank.

Home Guide is ready to get started on your office interior design project today. Picking our team means choosing experience, quality and unparalleled attention to detail.

Home Guide Understands Office Interior Design and Renovation Projects

Commercial interior design and renovation projects come with their specifics. You want a workplace that’s healthy, bright and stimulating. You want your workers to feel comfortable, optimistic and excited about spending their day at the office.

Together, we can accomplish just that.

Home Guide has been around for decades. What’s more important – we’ve maintained a stellar reputation and perfect ties to many clients. We’re proud to say that we often get referrals and companies that have worked with us before recommend us to their business partners time and time again. What makes us different is the willingness to understand your needs and every single facet of the project.

It doesn’t matter if you want to freshen up a tiny office or create the most high-tech, innovative corporate space in Singapore. We’re up to the challenge and we will deliver beyond your expectations.

6 Reasons to Choose Home Guide

Let’s talk about the specific reasons why you should choose Home Guide for your Singapore office interior design project. Here are six of the main Home Guide advantages you’ll get to enjoy if you partner up with us:

  1. Extensive office renovation experience: we know how corporate spaces work and what their most important features are. Based on our background and our experience with corporate renovation projects, we’re confident that the work we do for you will adhere to the strictest industry standards.
  2. Cost-efficiency considerations: whether your business employs five or 500 people, we know that dedicating enough money to an office renovation can be a challenging task. We promise to do the most within your budget to give you a beautiful outcome. We believe in the importance of offering an optimal price to quality ratio and we do that each time, whether we’re working with a commercial or a residential customer.
  3. We speak the language of office spaces: using our imagination, spatial planning skills and innovative design approach, we can ensure the complete transformation of the current corporate space you’re occupying. Sometimes, tiny changes and little upgrades can result in such a massive facelift that you wouldn’t recognise your old, shabby office.
  4. Financial support: if you’re in need of some financial assistance, don’t hesitate to let the Home Guide team know. We’ll assist you and guide you through the process.
  5. A to Z assistance: Home Guide offers comprehensive office renovation and interior design project management and execution. We will handle everything – from planning to the clean-up when work is done – so that you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing.
  6. An office you can start using immediately: when we’re done, we will reveal a commercial space that’s ready to become operational immediately. You can simply unlock the door, enter the premises and get going.

Commercial Interior Design and Renovations: A Rich Portfolio

Our work is much more convincing than our words, which is why we’d like to let our projects speak. Please check out the Home Guide office renovation portfolio for a better idea about what we can accomplish:

Transform Your Singapore Office Today

You don’t have to postpone your office renovation because you worry about the cost or an eventual disruption to your business. We promise cost-efficiency and strict adherence to deadlines. Your business idea deserves the right home and we’re ready to bring that vision to reality today.

Our Commercial Interior Design and Renovation Process

Based on our experience through the years, we’ve streamlined a professional process that gives both us and the client a good idea about what’s in store:

Step 1: The Preliminary Consultation –  we want to know who you are, what your business does and how each work day goes. We also want to hear about your ideas for the renovation and upgrading of the corporate space. This opportunity to learn about your vision allows us to give you the best input and feedback.

Step 2: Presentation –  following the first meeting, we’ll put together a commercial renovation project presentation just for you. You’d get a couple of layout suggestions, 3D image proposals, a colour scheme proposal and an estimated quote.

Step 3: Applying Your Feedback – once you see the initial presentation, you can request a correction or a modification. We will use that feedback to create one finalised plan and an accurate quote to go with it.

Step 4: Execution – after you give us the go-ahead, we will get started with the actual work. As already mentioned, Home Guide will handle everything on your behalf so that you’re free to manage your business. The renovation work will commence after a 10 per cent deposit is transferred to us.

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