Office Interior Design Secrets: Making Your Clients Feel Right at Home

Office Interior Design Secrets: Making Your Clients Feel Right at Home

What does office interior design say about your company?

There’s a lot you can convey through the selection of the right colours, accessories and even furniture. Not only is office interior design important in terms of keeping employees happy, it also affects the manner in which clients perceive your brand.

To deliver the right message and predispose customers towards positive interactions, it’s important to do intentional and purposeful office interior design. Selecting the right Singapore interior design team for the job is one of the best ways to accomplish the task.

A couple of rules exist in terms of making your corporate space look inviting and welcoming. You have to adhere to these if you have customers visiting your office frequently.

Show the Human Face of Your Business

When it comes to office interior design that impresses clients, you have to focus your efforts on the reception area and on a meeting room.

These two corporate spaces should tell people who are visiting a story about your company.

One of the easiest ways to make a lasting impression is to show the human face of your business through the design and the office décor choices you make.

Hanging team photos in the reception area are a great choice. Have you recently gone to a team-building activity? Some of the fun pictures from this event can show your clients how united the team is and how much fun you have together. Alternatively, you can opt for stylish portrait photographs of team members to decorate the walls.

Something else you can do to show what your business stands for is to focus on values and beliefs. Which words describe what your most prominent corporate guiding principles are? Having those words printed in bold fonts on the wall will give you a contemporary interior design solution that’s also highly meaningful.

Choose the Right Furniture

The right furniture is needed both in the waiting area of the reception and in your meeting room.

Start with comfort. You want to welcome visitors and you want to make them feel appreciated. A soft and bulky sofa is a great choice for the reception area. A small table by the seating area is also a good choice, especially if you offer your clients refreshments and snacks.

Furniture that encourages collaboration is a wonderful choice for the meeting room.

Collaborative furniture pieces include ergonomic chairs that are easy to rearrange, mobile tables, media stations and even multimedia booths. It’s up to you and your interior designer to determine what works best within the respective professional context.

Welcoming Clients Is All about the Details

Some of the best office décor choices to welcome and wow your clients don’t cost a lot.

People pay attention to the small details, the tiny things that set one corporate environment apart from another. Here are a few examples of such details that can really elevate your office interior design concept.

A lobby or reception board that delivers a fun, inspiring message while also being used for branding is a great choice for setting the tone.

When the client enters the reception area, make sure they’re surrounded by greenery. If maintaining potted plants isn’t a suitable choice for your business, multimedia can be used to replace nature and create a similar sentiment.

A self-serve refreshment station in the reception area is another great choice. Offer water, sofa, tea and coffee. These are simple and affordable extras that your clients will come to appreciate. The station could also feature candies or fresh fruits as an added compliment.

Having a media station is also a way to keep people entertained while they’re waiting. The station could feature daily newspapers, a selection of industry-relevant magazines and even some of your branded corporate materials. Make sure these media are displayed centrally to capture the attention of visitors and invite them to take a look.

Finally, give spot lights a try. Light that is concentrated in a specific area of the reception will provide visual cues about important elements to pay attention to. You can direct lights towards the artwork featured on the walls, your logo or a motivational quote on the wall.

Deal with the Clutter

Dealing with clutter in the corporate environment is probably one of the most important challenges to overcome.

Clutter takes away from the charm and the appeal of your corporate space. It makes the reception area or the meeting room look crammed. At the same time, clutter could be indicative of a messy attitude and an inability to get organised. These aren’t things you want potential and current clients to think about your brand.

Your Singapore interior design company can recommend an array of storage solutions that will be a viable choice even for small corporate spaces.

The first and the most obvious thing to do is to clean out supplies, materials, stationery and waste.

Once you’ve dealt with the items that shouldn’t be in the office, you can select shelves, a minimalist container or an entire wall of cabinets to keep essentials hidden from the eye while maintaining a clean environment.

Multi-purpose furniture is another great choice for smaller offices. There are numerous smart solutions, including custom-built pieces that will save space and help you store/organise office belonging.

Think about the message you want to share with your clients and communicate this information with your designer when putting together the office décor concept.

If you have a specific idea that you’d like to bring to reality, get in touch with Home Guide today.

Home Guide’s team of interior designers has completed a number of office design projects in Singapore. We’ve partnered up with small companies and with large enterprises to give them better, brighter and more contemporary work spaces.

Don’t hesitate to explore our portfolio and get a better idea about who we are and what types of concepts we love to execute.

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