Office Reinstatement and Covid-19: Embracing the New Normal

Office Reinstatement and Covid-19: Embracing the New Normal

We have all understood one very important thing as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic – many enterprises and facilities can operate in ways that would have been considered unfathomable in the past.

Remote work, home offices and hybrid models will become the new normal. In fact, they already have for many companies and service providers.

Due to the Circuit Breaker measures, you may have had to rethink the way that your company operates. You may have come to the realisation that you no longer need the office or the commercial venue you’d been utilising up to now. If you’re planning to embrace a new working method which involves giving up the current office space, you’ll need to go through the process of an office reinstatement first.

A Whole New World

Covid-19 has more than definitely changed offices and commercial venues in unprecedented ways.

Forecasts and reports show that the pandemic will affect the demand for office space and the types of facilities that companies are seeking in the future.

Many companies that offer services rather than products (software engineers, architects, copywriting service providers, graphic designers, etc.) have found out that working from home provides excellent opportunities to stay safe and still enjoy a high level of productivity.

As a result, businesses are downgrading to smaller offices that are used upon necessity – for example, for a meeting with a client or a presentation. The teams present at the office become much smaller, which reduces the need for renting a larger space.

In the realm of retail and commercial spaces, an opposite trend could be observed. Social distancing rules make it very important to offer clients a safe experience. Retail venues may have to employ larger spaces in order to handle a sufficiently high volume of clients without jeopardizing anyone.

Choosing the Right Office Reinstatement Service Provider

Office reinstatement service providers like Home Guide make it fairly easy to deal with all your obligations in the end of the lease period. You have to restore the venue to its original condition – a task that can be challenging in the absence of professional assistance.

An office reinstatement company will deal with every single aspect of the project on your behalf. But what does it take to pick the service provider that’s absolutely best?

The criteria for selection will vary from one business to another. Obviously, the type of venue and the extensiveness of the reinstatement work will also matter.

It’s usually a good idea to seek a team that can offer comprehensive solutions. Rarely does reinstatement involve putting on a new coat of paint. Each business has specific needs, which means that the venue could have undergone an extensive transformation since your business first moved in.

The terms of the service are also important.

If you want a truly comprehensive solution, you have to make sure everything is outlined in writing right off the bat.

You should get a detailed price quote that lets you know which processes the company will handle, how much each one is going to cost and what’s the timeframe for completion. Make sure that the cleanup will also be addressed, especially if you don’t have the time to handle the aftermath of a contracting working at your commercial venue.

Finally, pay attention to the ease of communication. You want an 0experienced, reputable team that will understand you and the changes you’ve done to a commercial venue. It’s also important to partner up with someone who will remain true to their word from the start to the finish of the project.

A Few Additional Tips on Office Reinstatement

Check your contractual requirements for reinstatement before doing anything else. Since this is a no-residential unit, there will be a reinstatement clause that you agreed to when signing the contract.

Some of the things that you’ll probably be responsible for under the reinstatement clause include removing temporary fixtures and false ceilings, getting rid of laying floor finishes, removing partitions, relocating power points, removing AC units, painting the walls in their original colour and various others.

Doing the research and knowing what you’ll have to engage in is going to simplify the process of picking the right Singapore office reinstatement service provider.

You could also have a limited timeframe for the completion of the reinstatement. It’s generally not advisable to wait until the last minute to get started. If you do, you’ll probably have to be prepared to spend more money on professional assistance.

Finally, determine what you’re going to be doing with your furniture, fixtures and the décor you’re taking out of the commercial venue you’re currently occupying.

Will you be terminating commercial activities? Will you be moving to a new location? If the second holds true, you will have to organise the move and you’ll also need to work on upgrading and designing the interior of the new commercial venue.

If possible, seek one team that can handle all these processes on your behalf.

Home Guide is one such team with an amazing office interior design portfolio.

Experienced interior design professionals and renovation supervisors/executive experts, we can make the adjustment a lot smoother for you. If you’re in need of a high quality and reliable office reinstatement solution, don’t hesitate to contact us today. You’ll benefit from a free first consultation and a detailed price quote.

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