Office Renovation Portfolio

Singapore office renovation designed to engage and inspire.

Creating an office space that reflects your company brand benefits you in two ways — an instant communication of your vision to clients and an inspiration to your employees in fulfilling the company’s mission with pride. Our design team will help establish and reinforce your brand identity throughout the work environment in the office renovation, from the layout, flow of the space, colour  palette, furnishings to lighting, art and signage.

Efficient Office Interiors

Functionality and ergonomic design are paramount when developing an office space. Home Guide’s design experts are amongst Singapore’s best when it comes to constructing office spaces with these considerations in mind. Our interior designers have a long track record of planning office spaces to meet the needs and wants of clients in Singapore. We are capable of planning spaces for firms seeking both traditional and contemporary aesthetics, and incorporating each firm’s unique branding and corporate identity along the way.