Pantone’s Colour of the Year Breathes Life Into The World

Pantone’s Colour of the Year Breathes Life Into The World

Pantone announced their colour of the year yesterday to cheers and maybe even a little relief. The trend-setting Colour of the Year, announced every December for the following year, always has the ability to surprise and impress. Yet on the back of last years colour, Ultra Violet, there was a little trepidation to see what the new choice would be. Ultra Violet was a lovely, almost electric hue, in honour of music icon Prince, which, while great to look at, was hard to incorporate into our lives.

Enter 2019’s colour of the year: LIVING CORAL or Pantone 16-1546, a beautiful warm pinkish hue with orange/gold undertones. The colour guru described the choice as ‘an animated and life-affirming’ option that was enlivening with a softer edge. Chosen after an in-depth analysis of current trends and future style directions, this colour is a response to the digital lifestyle that has overtaken us all. Living coral is a mascot for creating meaningful connections and immersive experiences, and also brings awareness to the challenges the natural world is facing, including coral decimation.

With the advancement of technology and the distancing of relationships, even as we are more ‘in touch’, design has moved toward the sleek, simple, tech-driven aesthetic. This colour and the zeitgeist it references signals a move back to the warm embrace, and deep connection. Looking at colour psychology, we can also assess the psychological effect that including this colour in our lives will have. This coral hue, a combination of the pinks, reds and oranges of the colour wheel, brings energy, creativity, strength and joy.

Unlike UltraViolet, Living Coral will seamlessly slip into our lives, refreshing our wardrobes and the digital world. However, most importantly, this colour will warm up our home interior design projects, as well as adding a more human tone to corporate and retail interiors. Whether it’s the new wall colour for your boudoir, or some scatters on your sofa, we can see great possibilities with this bright burst of energy in a home. For corporates, your brand and colour palette may be more restrictive, however bringing this colour into rest spaces could positively affect the energy of your employees. For retail, as with corporates, your branding should always dominate your palette, however introducing a seasonal product or packaging in this colour will ensure you are right at the front when it comes to being on trend.

Home Guide will help you  to introduce the 2019 Colour of the Year into your space, whether it’s with a bold dash or with subtle hints. If you would like to discuss a few options on how to include Living Coral into your interior, Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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