The bathroom is a personal oasis. It is a self pampering area created for ultimate relaxation for all senses. Home Guide links our clients to partners that offers quality bathwares and bath accessories to complete this personal haven.
Home furnishing not only has to have a beautiful design, it should be of good function and quality. The choice of home furnishing is cruicial in setting the style of the place and giving the place character. Home Guide is here to faciliate the purchase of furnishing for our clients.
The dream of every passionate cook or baker is to have a personal space conducive of culinary creativity and experimenting. At Home Guide, we aim to fulfil this dream with our design expertise and space planning. This has to be accompanied with quality kitchen hardware and fittings to meet the functional needs of the chef. Not forgetting quality kitchen appliances to aid the creation of gourmet masterpieces.
Light enhances the way we live and work. It is essential in setting different moods and ambience in the room by varying the intensity and temperature of light, thus facilitating various activities at home. The design of light fixture also plays a crucial role in the overall home design, giving it the desired character and style.
Creating a cohesive interior design highly depends on the selection of the finest materials. Check out the different types of material for flooring as well as for carpentry work. Home Guide works with various partners to provide our customers a wide varierty of options to choose from.
Not forgetting other aspects of a home renovation, Home Guide connects our client to partners for carpentry fittings that caters to different storage and usage needs. Smart Home and Enterntainment System are also an increasingly popular features that more homeowners are interested to incorporate in their homes and everyday living.