Pet-Friendly Interior Design Ideas Your Four-Legged Friends Will Love

Pet-Friendly Interior Design Ideas Your Four-Legged Friends Will Love

The perfect human and pet-friendly home takes some interior design planning. Making every member of the household feel comfortable isn’t such an easy task when individual needs differ greatly. Is it possible for both pet owners and their four-legged pals to feel great sharing the same home space? The short answer is yes, as long as the power of home interior design is employed correctly.

Make the Right Textile Selections

Choosing appropriate textiles is one of the most important things you’ll need to decide about when you’re a pet owner.

Poor selections aren’t just going to look out of place, they can also be tremendously impractical. You don’t want anything that will end up collecting a ton of fur or that will reveal the smallest of stains.

Velvet, velour and corduroy are all examples of textiles that pet owners should keep out of their home. All of these are unbelievable hair magnets. And if the colour is very different from what your four-legged pal is bragging, you’ll end up with an interior that looks shabby for all of the wrong reasons.

Silk and satin aren’t great choices, either. These can easily get damaged, especially if your pets enjoy vigorous and energetic play time.

Some good fabric choices for pet owners include leather, faux leather and most kinds of synthetic textiles. They’re durable, smooth and easy to clean. On top of that, you’ll have a good range of colours and textures to choose among. As a result, your interior will be easy to maintain and good-looking at the same time.

Be Careful about Wooden Furniture

While it looks awesome and adds a lot of warmth to the home, wooden furniture is far from optimal when kittens and puppies are involved.

Anyone who has ever owned a dog will tell you that wood can be clawed at or chewed effortlessly. As a result, your expensive new coffee table will soon be bragging a jagged leg – an “upgrade” that you definitely wouldn’t be too happy about.

You can still feature wood as an element in your home. Just make sure that metal finishes or encasing are used to house the wooden component. Metal legs aren’t that easy to damage and as such, they’re an ideal choice for pet owners. On top of that, a metal and wood combo looks incredibly elegant. It fits most interior design concepts and delivers a ton of versatility to the flat.

Wicker and rattan are two other natural materials you need to be very cautious about using. They’re easier to chew through than wood and as a result, the damage that a pup can cause will be significant.

Consider Putting Together an Entire Pet Station

A pet station is a cool and functional interior design element that fits the overall project. If style matters to you, chances are that you don’t want to have mismatched pet furniture and accessories just sitting around. Putting together an entire pet station makes it easy to maintain consistency throughout the flat.

Simply put, a pet station is a niche or a little functional zone that houses your pet’s belongings. It can be a pull-out space or it can be positioned in an area that will remain under-utilised otherwise (under the staircase, in a corner, under a table).

Some people replace a single cabinet in the living room with a pet station that houses a pet bed and built-in food and water bowls, for example. A painted frame and a fabric in the same colour as the upholstery of furniture make the pet station a good match to the rest of the home.

It’s also a good idea to consider having at least one cabinet or shelf in the pet station. It will be a great choice for housing toys, accessories, grooming belongings and other pet essentials.

Practical Flooring

Finally, we need to talk about optimal flooring choices for pet owners.

Just like in the case of textiles and furniture, some materials are a big no-no. Thick, shaggy carpets (especially if they come in light colours) aren’t the ones that will make your life easier. Coming home after a rainy day walk will mean definite carpet destruction.

Hardwood floors should also be avoided. Claws can easily create scratches and dents that will damage the expensive material beyond repair.

If you insist on having a hardwood floor, choose harder options like oak and mahogany.

For easy cleaning and maintenance, however, do consider alternative materials.

Ceramic tiles are ideal for pet owners. Laminate is another versatile, beautiful and easy to clean flooring choice.

As a pet owner, you’ll definitely need to get creative with some of the typical décor choices. Various materials and accessories aren’t practical and you’ll need to come up with clever replacements. Luckily, the home improvement market features dozens of choices that make it easy to bring together style and practical appeal.

Contact Home Guide if you want a bit of guidance and the professional execution of the entire renovation. We know what home owners (and their four-legged pals want). We also understand the functional strengths and weaknesses of every single choice. Based on this extensive know-how and the residential work we’ve done through the years, we’ll carry out a project bound to surpass your expectations.

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