Popular Home Interior Design Styles You Have to Know

Popular Home Interior Design Styles You Have to Know

Do you want a bright, clean, modern and minimalist home? If so, minimalism and Scandinavian interior design are the two choices that best match your needs. Do you want something a bit more ornate, artistic and inspiring? You should definitely check out French country or Boho interiors.

Each interior design style has been inspired by traditions, artistic movements and even cultural specifics. Let’s explore what some of the most prominent design trends are and how these differ from each other.

Modern vs. Traditional

The Serenade Holland Condo Interior Design
The Serenade Holland Condo Interior Design

Contemporary interior design is simple and functional. In time, design has evolved to be more practical and less decorative. This is the main reason why some of the newest trends are characterised by minimalism, ergonomic design and streamlined appearances.

These characteristics don’t indicate an interior design style that’s completely devoid of comfort and cosiness. On the contrary. Minimal homes and contemporary décors can still promote relaxation and enjoyment. Form and function work together to create a lovely space that the home owner would love to spend a lot of time in.

Such designs come in stark contrast with traditional choices like maximalist interior design. Maximalism is colourful, ornate, focused on art and extensive comfort. It’s often described as rich, glamorous and luxurious and it appeals a lot to people who aren’t drawn to the more sterile appearance of minimal homes.

The most fun aspect of interior design is that trends have emerged in between these two extremities. Transitional interior design, for example, is a lovely mix of modern and traditional. It’s a hybrid that brings together the best of both worlds and as such, it tends to appeal to many people.

residential interior design singapore echelon
residential interior design singapore echelon

Country or Regional Interior Design

Scandinavian Interior Design In Your Singapore Home
Scandinavian Interior Design In Your Singapore Home

Other interior design trends have been inspired by specific countries or regions of the world.

Adopting this approach to redecorating your home allows for a very specific execution that embraces cultural and even geographic specifics of certain countries.

Scandinavian design is probably the most prominent example of such a trend. Scandinavian homes are clean and functional. They’re not minimalist per se. Rather, it involves a high level of craftsmanship and choices that aim to optimise the living conditions (for example, allowing as much natural light into the flat as possible).

This interior design style is probably one of the most recognisable and beloved across the world because it can be modified to living conditions regardless of the location.

Mediterranean design is another popular regional choice that is breezy, easy going and reminiscent of a seaside holiday.

This type of interior is very common for Italy, Greece and the southern coast of Spain. It’s light and relaxed. It embraces nature through colour and material selection. Textures, fabrics and regional motifs also boost the authenticity of the décor, depending on the Mediterranean region that you’d like to emulate in your home.

French country interiors are elegant and a bit rustic. They bring the elegance and the sunshine of the French countryside through the selection of the right materials, furniture, colours and textures. French country can easily transform your flat into a chateaux or a Provençal country house.

Again, there are many fun choices that merge and bring together different aspects of regional interiors.

Japandi interior design is probably one of the most fun and exciting examples of such a hybrid. It’s a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian interior design. These may seem like two worlds that don’t mix but if you take a look at actual Japandi homes, you’ll find out that the distinctive concepts can work really well together.

Bringing a Mediterranean Interior Design To Your Singapore Home
Bringing a Mediterranean Interior Design To Your Singapore Home

Art and Cultural Movement-Inspired Interior Design

Fill Your Singapore Home With Glamour With An Art Deco Interior Design
Fill Your Singapore Home With Glamour With An Art Deco Interior Design

Finally, some of the most popular interior design styles today have been inspired by art and cultural movements throughout history.

Art Deco is a prime example. It came into existence in the 1920s to celebrate glamour, luxury and even decadence. Its appeal has remained timeless and art deco is as prominent today as it was in the wake of the style.

Another style that originated in the 19th century is bohemian or boho interior design. Boho chic is eclectic, a mishmash of beautiful items that wouldn’t necessarily belong together. When created bya skilled interior designer, however, boho interiors bring harmony and visual appeal to the table.

Then we have choices like industrial interior design that was inspired by the Industrial Revolution and the factories of the early 20th century. Concrete, iron, stainless steel and exposed bricks work together to give the space a very distinctive vibe that some people truly love.

And these are just some of the possibilities!

Obviously, you can mix and match all of the styles that you enjoy when coming up with an idea for your home or your office. Interior design today is very eclectic and inclusive. Many rules can be broken, resulting in unique outcomes that make the best possible use of the space.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and you don’t know where to get started with the selection of the right interior design concept, check out the Home Guide residential and office portfolios. They highlight many of the styles and trends mentioned above. In fact, some of the projects we’ve worked on through the years merge multiple elements together to give property owners exquisite mixes.

Your next step would be to get in touch with us and discuss the specifics of the execution you have in mind. Use the information on the Contact Us page or reach us on WhatsApp to share your ideas, ask questions and refine the original concept you have in mind. We’d be more than happy to become a part of your brand new home interior design and renovation project.

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