Popular Light Fixture Styles and The Right One For You

Popular Light Fixture Styles and The Right One For You

Light itself is an interior design element but you shouldn’t forget the importance of choosing the right fixture. Not only does it affect the quality of light, it can also tie an entire interior design concept together.

Fixtures come in all shapes and sizes. They can be crafted from a huge range of materials, giving you choice but also making the selection more difficult.

What are some of the most popular light fixture styles out there today? How do you pick the right concept for your renovation? These are the main questions we’re about to answer right now.

The Most Popular Light Fixture Styles of 2021 and Beyond

Just like other interior design elements, light fixtures are available in so many varieties. Styles evolve and change through the years, some gaining popularity, others going into complete oblivion.

Several lighting styles have become popular in 2020 and 2021. These bring together functionality and beauty, resulting in home décors that look sophisticated and highly polished.

If you’re seeking out information on light fixture styles that are especially in demand, here are a few of the main choices:

  • Traditional: a classic chandelier will fall under the category. Traditional fixtures can also look like globes and pendants among others. Chances are that you’ve seen them around because they’re clean and classic – two characteristics that make them fit most interior design concepts. If you’re looking for something a bit more artistic and innovative, however, traditional lights aren’t going to be a perfect match.
  • Industrial: this is another very popular style that has an added element of coolness to it. Industrial lights often feature exposed parts like a visible bulb. They tend to be crafted from materials like metal. These are often called warehouse-style lights because you’ll find similar options in commercial and industrial venues. Such lights are great for industrial, minimalist and hip interior design projects that make a statement through the selection of each element.
  • Artistic: curves, unusual shapes and unusual materials result in more artistic lights. Not only do these serve a function, they can act as a prominent decorative piece. An artistic light fixture can easily turn into the highlight of a room, especially if it’s visible enough and placed strategically. On the downside, artistic and abstract lights can easily clash with other design elements because they carry a lot of personality.
  • Mid-century and art deco: these types of lights are making a serious comeback. Art deco lights have several defining characteristics. They often feature geometric shapes, long vertical silhouettes, shiny metallic finishes (including warm ones like copper and bronze) and they tend to be oversized for a more dramatic effect. Like artistic lights, art deco and mid-century fixtures can be used as statement pieces that tie interior design concepts together.
  • Minimalist: we shouldn’t forget about minimalist home décor. Minimalist fixtures tend to be very streamlined. They give you the absolute minimum required – clean lines, ergonomic shapes and proper sizing to do an excellent job without going overboard. If the rest of your home is highly functional and clean, minimalist fixtures would be the best choice.
  • Eco: light fixtures made from environmentally-friendly materials are also worth considering. They’re gaining a lot of popularity and you’ll find many options on the market. Bamboo fibres, recycled glass or repurposed items are often used for the creation of cool and unique fixtures that don’t resemble anything else.

Choosing the Right Light Fixture Style for Your Renovation

There are no strict rules when it comes to choosing the perfect lights for your renovation project. You can be executing a minimalist interior design upgrade and you can still go for an artistic or highly ornate light. Such a statement piece will create some visual diversity and give you a cool focal point amid all of the clean lines.

What matters the most when choosing lights is size and scale.

Oversized lights can work well in fairly big rooms. They’re not going to suffocate the interior and they aren’t going to look out of place. A heavy, massive fixture in a tiny room, however, will never create a sense of opulence and luxury. Rather, it will look too heavy and it will suck the air out of the space.

The same holds true for a tiny or a particularly streamlined fixture in a large room or an open space flight. It’s not going to contribute anything to the interior design and most of the time, it’s going to go unnoticed.

Moving forward after you’ve gone through the size considerations, you have a lot of freedom. Your personal style and your budget will determine what light style is best. Obviously, unique and artistic pieces are more expensive than mass-manufactured lights. You can, however, discover vintage fixtures that look spectacular and that cost a fraction of what designer lights would.

Keep in mind that you’ll often find it difficult to imagine what a particular fixture is going to look like inside your home.

If you’re clueless or hesitant, talk to an interior designer. Home Renovation contractors like Home Guide will assess your home interior design needs and make sure they’re compatible with the renovation you’re going for. Contact Home Guide today if you’d like to be certain that every interior design element you favour is the right one.

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