Creating a Positive Workplace Impact through Art Selection

Creating a Positive Workplace Impact through Art Selection

When designing an office, most focus on the functional aspects — the floor plan, the furniture, the storage area and the kitchen. Office interior design, however, is also about the selection of the right décor and even art.

Are you going through an office renovation in Singapore? If so, you may want to dedicate some time to the selection of a few beautiful and colourful pieces of artwork. Office art can increase happiness of employees with its brightness. Studies suggest that featuring art increases office productivity. Art also increases the level of comfort for both customers and workers. It breaks the sterile corporate environment and adds a touch of casual appeal to the workspace.

To experience these benefits, you will need to dedicate some time to the selection of the right artwork. While there are no strict rules and criteria guiding the choice, you will definitely need to keep a few essentials in mind.

Where Will It Be Placed?

An experienced interior design company in Singapore will first consider the location where artwork will be displayed. The size of the room or the wall potentially limits the choices.

In an office, art should be displayed in the areas that are most frequented by employees and visitors. These may include conference rooms, waiting areas, and chillout zones. Greeting people with a painting as they enter the office may also be a great idea.

Adding some art to the work area itself is also a good idea, as long as the particular piece doesn’t serve as a distraction. When going through this process, it’s a good idea to get employees involved. After all, they will be the people looking at the respective piece all day long. If they don’t feel comfortable or happy with the choice, you may want to start exploring alternatives.

First Impressions Do Matter

The most prominent art is to be displayed in the common areas and the parts of the office where visitors come.

Art, especially quality art, can be used to communicate something about the brand. It is elegant, exquisite and beautiful to look at. These positive associations easily transfer to the company on the basis of the office’s appeal.

Remember that art doesn’t have to be expensive in order to impress. What matters is a stylish selection that’s in line with the overall office interior design concept. Interior design service providers can help you with the choice if you don’t feel confident enough in your aesthetic sense to make the pick.

Colour Considerations

This is another area of art selection that an interior designer can help with.

When a design for your office is being chosen, an interior designer will come up with a colour scheme. Colour schemes typically feature two or three tones. These could either be complementary or they may come in contrast with each other.

Placing art in a colourful and brighter part of the office isn’t always a good idea. Artwork that fights for attention with the background will cause the specific part of the workspace to lose focus.

Interior designers will usually opt for a more subdued background and bright pops of colour that create points of visual interest. This is why you may want to entrust the entire task to professionals.

The style of the room and the colour scheme of furnishings and accessories should be considered when you’re buying art. Colour has a major impact on emotions and productivity. You don’t want art that looks grim. Pastels promote a sense of calm. Colours like yellow and orange are linked to positivity. These are the tones you want to have featured prominently in both the design and the artwork that you pick.

Paintings Aren’t the Only Form of Art

Many people think about paintings when it comes to artwork they can place in a home or an office. As beautiful as they are, however, paintings aren’t the only option to pursue.

Beautiful artistic photographs will make a greater impact than a mediocre painting. The same applies to graphics and sketches. Don’t underestimate black and white art. While it won’t brighten or liven a space, it can still have a massive emotional impact through the subject or the scene being portrayed.

Small sculptures add a bit of dynamic appeal to the office design. You can also choose mosaics, patchwork, quilts or native/folk art.

Once again, you must have an overall branding and design concept. These two have to work alongside each other to tell a cohesive story about the company and the people that work in the respective office. Picking artwork for the sake of artwork is far from the best choice because such purchases will be void of meaning.

A final thing you should consider and communicate with your interior designer is the budget for art purchases. Both contemporary art and classic pieces come in a wide range of prices. When you give your designer some more information about the sum you feel comfortable spending on the acquisition of art, you’ll be provided with a list of relevant choices.

When you have fun putting together the perfect office, your employees will certainly feel good about coming to work in the morning. Don’t be impulsive, but take time to consider the emotional impact of the décor. If you’re not one hundred per cent certain what you’re trying to accomplish, talk to an experienced Singapore interior design team.

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