Muji Warmth and Transformative Storage at 53 Strathmore Avenue

Clean, minimalist but warm at the same time – are these goals even achievable within the same BTO renovation? This 53 Strathmore Ave. project provides an affirmative answer. Executed to the standards of the muji style and perfectly organised, it creates a stylish living space for a young couple.

How much comfort, personality and ambiance can a clean, minimalist design hold? The answer is – a lot! When executed correctly, contemporary minimalist interior designs can carry a lot of charm and warmth. These are the concepts we tried to bring together in the execution of a 4-room BTO interior design and renovation project at 53 Strathmore Ave. Occupied by a young couple, the flat needed to be functional, perfectly organised and easy to maintain in a pristine condition.

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Let’s peek into the living area first. It provides a perfect example of a muji-style BTO renovation. Warm tones and wooden elements work together to give the space some much needed cosiness. On top of that, the design features a number of clever solutions aimed at increasing practical appeal and convenience.

The stripped panelling adds some instant texture. There’s no need for decorative shapes or patterns. The warm wood panels are noticeable enough on their own to stand out and act as an aesthetic interior design element. At the same time, the built-in niches with shelving increase the functional appeal of the wall panel to get it doubling as a storage solution for knickknacks.

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The stripped panel was placed strategically – to camouflage the bomb shelter and a common bedroom. This way, some visual separation is achieved to distinguish areas from one another.

Visual separation has also been achieved in the living and dining space through the use of light. Check out the ceiling and the cove light that acts as clear demarcation between the two zones. This is a clever and subtle way to make the eye separate one part of the space from the other.

The finishing touch in this part of the flat comes in the form of comfortable furniture. We firmly believe that living room furniture doesn’t have to be bulky or oversized in order to get the job done. A high quality, luxury-feel sofa and a dining room set complete the picture, giving the living area everything required to fulfil its functionality.

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A Little Culinary Haven (with a View)

The next aspect of the 4-room BTO interior design focused on the kitchen. In its original state, the kitchen had a rather generic feel to it and the room definitely missed a couple of essentials.

Our team focused on custom carpentry work to cover an unsightly kitchen beam. In addition, the cabinets utilised as much space as possible to provide sufficient storage for all meal prep essentials. White and natural light wood tones were chosen to match the rest of the design and give the space a brighter vibe.

And do check out the first wooden cabinet drawer (the one that’s thinner than the others). It can be opened and extended into position to offer an additional food preparation surface.

Originally, there was a solid wall separating the kitchen from the living area. We had it removed and we added a glass panel. This way, the kitchen was instantly opened up to the rest of the flat. At the same time, the glass panelling keeps food preparation scents from spreading to the living area.

As finishing touches, we used a silestone tabletop and silestone backsplash. As the material is thinner than quartz tabletops, it adds elegance and fine lines to the kitchen.

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The master bedroom and study space were hacked to form a larger room. We used wall partitioning for a couple of additional modifications.

One of these is the recessed wall niche. It creates a minimal space to display personal items like photos or art without the need for shelving installation.

We kept the rest of the design clean and functional with a focus on comfort. A beautiful double bed with a soft headrest and classic wooden nightstands complete the picture.

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Spacious enough to accommodate two people, the flat’s study room utilises the most of the available natural light and the view. Wall niches and wooden panelling are chosen for practical purposes, maximising the storage space effortlessly.

A custom desk was created for this part of the flat. We didn’t go for ready, store-bought furniture as it creates hindrances in terms of space optimisation. The suspended design we went for gives a sufficiently large work surface without interfering with the flow of the room. It also ties in well with the shelving design, creating an almost seamless experience.

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Bathroom Zen and At-Home Spa Experience

The bathroom design was inspired by the most luxurious spas created for the sole purpose of pampering their visitors.

Suspended wooden cabinetry gives the master bathroom the muji vibes and simplifies floor cleaning. A glass shower cabin keeps the space looking big while also preventing water from escaping the designated area.

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Just like we did in the master bedroom, we once again made good use of recessed compartments. These provide enough room for the placement of cosmetics and personal care supplies, without the need for the addition of bathroom shelving.

Your Muji Urban Dream Awaits You

Are you enjoying our 53 Strathmore Avenue project? Can you imagine yourself living in a similar contemporary, modern flat?

Home Guide’s team will like to be a part of your new home dream. From urban and minimalist to charming and cosy, we can work on any concept that you have in mind. Not only that, we’ll do our best to offer a price to quality ratio that’s difficult to surpass.

For more information, check out our 4-room BTO renovation package or contact us today.