A Luxe New Look for An Apartment At The Grange Condo

For a condo in The Grange, Home Guide upped the look from laidback Balinese style to light, bright and sophisticated modern luxury.

The owners of this apartment had purchased it some years previously and decorated in Balinese style, while retaining most of the existing built-in carpentry and colour schemes installed by the developers of the condominium.

The homeowners wanted to refresh the home with a sophisticated, luxe and modern look. Apart from new aesthetics, they also wanted their home to be more functional and suitable to their current lifestyle and needs.

Accordingly, the main focus of the renovation was to modernise and brighten the interior, as well as to include more storage space.

emerald hill
emerald hill

Living Room

The TV console and feature wall is the main feature of the living room, so it needed to be a statement piece that stood out. We used a striking faux marble laminate with strong distinct veins to give the space character and added a small feature display at the side to allow the homeowners to display cherished decorative items. Final touches of gold for trimmings were used to enhance the overall luxe look, while avoiding ostentation.

We also designed a display cabinet for the homeowners' collection of books, with dark tinted glass as door panels to provide some form of coverage yet still retain the clean-lined overall look of the home.

Neutral furnishings and floor coverings and filmy full-length curtains create a light and bright ambience in the long, narrow space which opens to a balcony.

emerald hill

Dry Kitchen

The dry kitchen originally came with built-in cabinets installed by the condominium developers. However, the owners disliked the dark colour scheme and the flooring, which did not match the flooring throughout the remainder of the apartment.

Our goal was to brighten up the space as well as provide sufficient storage.

This dry kitchen was designed mainly for the purpose of light food preparation, such as fruits, snacks or a simple breakfast. As the homeowners do not entertain many guests, there was no need to create an additional seating area at the island as the family gathers for meals at the dining table.

The built-in cabinets and dry kitchen were crafted to provide ample storage space for the family to store all their kitchen appliances, tableware and cutlery.

emerald hill

Wet Kitchen

The homeowners cook three meals a day and wanted to make sure the kitchen was easy to maintain. Their main concern for the wet kitchen was that we ensured it was suitable for this level of cooking and meal preparation.

Keeping this in mind, we chose a dark coloured table top so that any lasting stains will not be visible. We also ensured the backsplash behind the stove was stainless steel for easy cleaning, rather than a glass backing.

Ensuring that grease from heavy cooking will not stick to the cabinets, we designed a stand alone hood and avoided the use of top cabinets. The original venetian blinds were also replaced with roller blinds for ease of cleaning.

An existing beam under the kitchen window was covered up to look like a continuous design with the kitchen cabinets.

emerald hill
emerald hill

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is a personal sanctuary for all homeowners and our clients wanted the room to be a peaceful space where they could wind down after a day of work.

We created a spot that can serve just that purpose at the side of the bay window and installed a sound bar system so our clients can now read a book and relax while listening to music. The master bedroom was also large enough to accommodate a simple desk for clearing emails from a laptop.

To ensure the room does not look too overwhelming, the bed head feature was not made full height, as the other side of the room already had a full height TV feature wall. Simple shelves were also installed at the desk space instead of built-in cabinets to make the space less cluttered and appear more airy and light.

For ease of maintenance, we opted against the use of wallpaper and instead used off-white wall paint and styled with a trio of paintings and unique pendant lamps to round off the look of the sophisticated and soothing space.

emerald hill

Powder Room

Due to the layout and position of the window, not much natural light enters the common bathroom, making it slightly dark. To overcome this, we used strip lights beneath the bathroom vanity to brighten up the space and coloured geometric tiles to further enliven it.