Artistic Sophistication at Yong An Park

Classic interior design can still defy expectations by introducing unexpected elements and nuances. The spectacular colour combinations and pieces of art displayed at this Yong An Park flat show just how interpretative and creative décor can be. Our concept for the home brings together classic elements and bright tones to give the interior design timeless appeal with a fun twist.

Every single home is a reflection of the owner’s personality and aesthetic taste. The work we did at this Yong an Park flat shows just how clean and daring can come together and result in visual harmony against the odds. We worked hard on ensuring visual consistency while giving the design a fresh flair.

emerald hill
emerald hill

We chose a clean and sophisticated solution for the entryway, reserving some of the more visually stunning elements for other spaces. The foyer brings together neutral tones and warm light in a no-nonsense design choice. Concealed storage solutions have also been incorporated in the design to maintain clean lines while also giving inhabitants practical convenience.

emerald hill
emerald hill

Once you move from the foyer to the living area, you will be surprised by the way the design concept unfolds and gets richer.

The living area has been executed in a cheerful, bright way. As the place where people spend most of their leisure time, the living room should inspire and uplift.

A classic neutral sofa is contrasted beautifully by yellow leather armchairs and bright blue pillows. While some worry that the introduction of numerous disparate pops of colour will create chaos, this area is the living proof of how a professionally-selected atypical colour scheme can work really well.

Modern art also adorns the living room to give it somewhat of an abstract, innovative vibe. As you can see, the paintings highlighted in the area do not belong to the same stylistic school. This is yet another intentional choice that makes the décor more eclectic and engaging than a standard, classic execution.

The living area opens up into a dining space that’s a bit more conservative. The focus here is comfort and family warmth, allowing the inhabitants to share an enjoyable family meal while enjoying each other’s company.

emerald hill

Adjacent to the dining area is the home’s entertainment and multimedia zone.

We chose a clean, distraction-free design, allowing the flat inhabitants to focus on a movie or another type of multimedia. A large screen dominates the design and the area also incorporates some storage furniture for added convenience.

emerald hill
emerald hill

The kitchen is divided in two functional areas.

A more secluded space is available for food preparation. Matte glass doors are incorporated in the design to ensure some privacy and prevent flavours from escaping the kitchen. When not being used, the door slides to maximise the available space.

The second kitchen zone (the dry kitchen) opens up into the dining area. Functional separation is achieved through the use of a kitchen island that’s finished with modernistic tall chairs. The copper light fixtures above the kitchen island create a modernistic accent point.

emerald hill

The colourful, artistic vibes from the living room are extended to the master bedroom, albeit in a somewhat more subdued way.

Lighter shades were intentionally chosen to make the bedroom look larger and a bit more serene. A colourful rug and the piece of art above the bed’s headboard create the focal points, tying the design concept to the rest of the home.

The light fixtures, nightstands and the carpet motifs bring a more oriental theme to the bedroom to create some additional warmth.

emerald hill
emerald hill

The master bathroom is a work of art on its own.

Clean lines and functional choices make the space a little pampering oasis amid urban modernity.

Hanging cabinetry and a wall-mounted toilet give the bathroom a futuristic look (while also simplifying maintenance and cleaning). Functional lights have also been incorporated in the design to illuminate the areas that will benefit from enhanced visibility.

A glass shower cabin boosts the functional/maintenance appeal of the master bedroom without making it look or feel smaller. Check out the rain shower head – large, functional and water conserving at the same time. The final highlight is the immaculate, white bathtub. Free standing and ergonomic in design, it encourages you to step inside, soak into the warm water and relax in the end of a busy day.

emerald hill

Our home exploration journey will end with the compact powder room.

Much smaller than the master bathroom, the powder room is still designed for functionality and privacy. Suspended cabinetry is once again being utilised to ensure visual consistency. A single sink and a large bathroom vanity give enough space for the application of makeup or the completion of a personal hygiene procedure.

The powder room is completed with black and white marble, as well as some art to give the space a much needed pop of colour.