Bukit Batok

This 15-year-old two-floor apartment needed a design re-think. Home Guide was brought in to breathe life into the downstairs living areas, and upgrade the space with a more contemporary, industrial aesthetic. Walls in the kitchen were removed and replaced by glass and black steel to open up the space visually, but allow the kitchen to be physically closed off as necessary. Contemporary finishes and designer furniture elements were added to complete the facelift of this interior design space in Singapore.

The original space was narrow, with the kitchen and entrance running off the central living room. To open the space up and allow better light flow, the walls in the kitchen were taken out and replaced with black steel framed glass. The strong contrast and horizontal lines of the kitchen walls became a focal point, a glowing hub of activity and interest.

emerald hill

The kitchen cube, with sliding walls to open or close it off from the rest of the space.

A full-height wall of storage cabinets was added to the entrance, which links the living area to the upstairs. A design element in itself, the cabinet has concealed lighting along the bottom which creates a light, floating feel, in contrast to the solid black of the steel kitchen frame.


emerald hill

The kitchen with ample lighting to create a functional, enticing space.

The kitchen has been cleverly designed, to include smart features which optimise the relatively small space. While there is a formal dining area linked to the living room, the petite kitchen island provides an intimate, informal dining space as well as extra worktops for functionality. The use of bright lighting is inviting and the space becomes a central hub of the home with chrome barstools, a black steel pendant and high gloss cabinetry, keeping the space contemporary and sophisticated.


emerald hill

The dish washing area is hidden around a corner to avoid clutter and is opposite the main cooking and prep area, for ease of movement.


emerald hill

The living area with high gloss finishes and clean lines gives the feel of being in a space ship.

The dining, kitchen and living areas all form one cohesive space on the lower level. High gloss flooring and cabinetry were used in the space to continue the contemporary feel, and draw the gaze through the room. The large L-shaped sofa invites one to lie back and relax, or entertain a group of guests with ease and comfort. Taupe, black and oyster create a colour palette that is highlighted by the concealed lighting adding an element of drama.


emerald hill

The staircase in the entrance links the living areas with the bedrooms upstairs.

The staircase was completely renovated with dramatic black treads highlighted by a smart use of lighting, and a display nook on the landing, drawing you upward to explore further.