Clever Storage Is Taken to the Next Level at This Bukit Panjang Condo Interior Design and Renovation

Modern, clean and homely are interior design styles that can all come together if the three concepts are united with the right expertise, experience and creativity. This is the challenge that the Home Guide team faced and conquered with this Bukit Panjang condo interior design project. We transformed the small space to give it freshness, sophistication and practical appeal through the selection of clever storage solutions.

When you have a family of three co-existing in a fairly small space, you have to come up with some ingenious ways to keep the clutter under control.

This is what the Home Guide team was tasked with during the creation and the execution of the condo interior design concept for this Bukit Panjang condo. That and making it fresh, warm, inviting and modern. Did we manage to accomplish all of those tasks? You’ll be the judge!

Cosy with a Sense of Modern Dynamism

Most people have a pretty specific pre-determined notion when it comes to cosiness and interior design comfort. Very often, that vision is traditional and even a little bit of old school. The truth of the matter is, with the right home interior design company, your abode can evoke a sense of homely warmth while pushing the edges of design innovation and creativity at the same time.

We brought these two concepts together in the interior design and renovation of the Bukit Panjang condo.

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Let’s start with a quick look at the entryway, living and dining area.

The open floor plan creates the sensation of more space that’s enriched through the selection of warm tones – natural wood, beige, metallic gold. This is a running theme throughout the apartment, giving the flat that homely feel and also amping up the sophistication.

Since the family wanted a focus on neatness and a clutter-free domestic experience, that’s exactly what we prioritised in every part of the space.

Behind the bronze mirror (that adds a cool reflection to the dining area), you’ll discover a profound storage space that’s perfectly masked and concealed behind an aesthetically-pleasing piece. You can also see streamlined storage space underneath the TV set – the perfect spot for keeping films, games, books and magazines.

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The space also features a dry kitchen that benefits from custom cabinetry – another tailored choice we made to enhance the available storage space without taking away from the roominess of the condo.

As far as furniture selection goes, we chose warm tones for the dining area and cooler tones for the living space. This way, visual distinction was established without having to use walls or other kinds of spatial separators.

A soft rug in the living area contrasts the clean and stable tiles, giving a sense of comfort and also adding to the differentiation between the two zones.

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The kitchen is the part of the flat that probably underwent the biggest transformation.

We completely changed the layout of the kitchen by hacking walls to modify the entrance and ensure some openness. As you can see, the kitchen itself is fairly small and it benefited immensely from the optical “expansion.”

Wood still dominates the interior design but we chose tones that are darker than the furniture and accessories in the living/dining area. In combination with the blacks, metallic and glossy surfaces, this choice results in a sense of the design being highly expensive (which it isn’t) and very sophisticated (which it is).

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The youngest family member now enjoys a bright, beautiful and clean bedroom. With enough storage added through concealed units and wooden cabinetry, the room is very easy to keep tidy. At the same time, it gets a bit of personality through elements like the lamps and the plushy headboard.

The room also features a study desk and a dressing corner fit for a little princess.

As for the Master Bedroom, we do not have photos but you probably already have some idea about the homeowner’s taste - and here is a description of what we did - It’s pretty obvious the family wanted clean, beautiful and dynamic urban solutions. We kept the design as simple as possible while also adding a few distinctive elements. Homogenous marble tiles tie in with the use of natural materials through the rest of the condo. The master bedroom also has custom cabinetry to fit the space perfectly and maximise storage effectiveness.

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The condo has a master bathroom and a common bathroom that’s smaller.

For the master bathroom, we chose a bronze mirror that doubles as a concealer for the storage cabinet behind. The mirrored panel slides open to reveal the essentials organised within.

The rest of the cabinetry is custom-made, just like the shelves and cabinets in the dry kitchen.

The shower area benefits from a glass partition. Not only does it optimise the space, it also simplifies the maintenance of the bathroom by keeping moisture and water inside. A large shower head creates that spa experience many Singaporean families are looking for in their home.

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Finally, we’ll take a quick peak into the common bathroom. Warm wood, mirrored storage and custom cabinetry are used here, as well. Very light tones of wood, marble textures and greys work together to give the space a bit of distinctiveness and an appeal that differs from the execution of the master bathroom.

Can You See Your Dream Home Coming to Life?

Don’t be afraid of pursuing the vision you have for your dream home – no project is too complicated or impossible to execute.

When backed up by the right professionals, you can easily transform your living space into the modern, fun and exciting home you’ve always wanted.

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