Camelot By The Water Condo Interior Design and Renovation Project by Home Guide

Luxurious materials and home automation features were chosen for this Camelot condo to give the family of three comfort and convenience. Home Guide worked on bringing the idea to reality, elevating the original concept and making the most of the available space. In fact, we did redesign the layout a bit to optimize it even further.

What would happen if you try to bring the ultimate luxurious experience, backed up by clever innovation, to reality? That’s the question the Home Guide home interior design company asked when tasked with the execution of a home design project for this Camelot by the Water condo apartment.

The brand new flat was meant to become the home of a family of three and their helper. The owners wanted luxury and sophistication to get the best possible residential experience. We put our heads together and the resulting outcome did not disappoint.

A Modern, Urban Condo for Connoisseurs

When conceptualising this home interior design project, we selected two primary focal areas.

The first one was the use of natural, luxurious materials. Marble with its heft, its colour variety and immense range of patterns proved to be a perfect match. We used several kinds of marble throughout the flat to tie the interior design concept together and elevate the décor while giving it visual cohesiveness.

Setting up a smart home was also vitally important. The lights, the sound system and the various gadgets/appliances were chosen for effortless automation, remote control and a high level of efficiency with everyday use.

When Nature and Tech Come Together

The above-mentioned concepts are distinctively visible in every single part of this condo interior design.

emerald hill

Let’s start our journey of exploration with the entertainment area and study room.

emerald hill

Originally, the space was a bedroom with a toilet attached to it. We reconfigured the layout in its entirety by getting rid of a wall to create a single large space. This area was turned into a multi-purpose entertainment centre, as well as a study area.

As far as furniture selection goes, we chose warm tones for the dining area and cooler tones for the living space. This way, visual distinction was established without having to use walls or other kinds of spatial separators.

A soft rug in the living area contrasts the clean and stable tiles, giving a sense of comfort and also adding to the differentiation between the two zones.

emerald hill

The motorised projector screen is probably the most exciting element that we added to the entertainment centre.

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Anyone looking for the home cinematic experience will appreciate the beauty of the large screen, the custom panelling and the personalisation of the viewing experience that the system enables.

The entire feature wall is a choice and an execution that we are especially proud of. The aim of the wall is to visually elongate the original space and give you that very desirable movie salon experience. In addition, the feature wall conceals the storage space hidden behind it beautifully. Thus, no nook or cranny in the flat goes to waste.

emerald hill
emerald hill

Artistic energy and colours dominate the living and dining areas of the flat.

Artwork selection was carefully created to add to the eclectic vibes of the space without tipping the overall concept into side of kitschy. And as different stylistically as these pieces are, they work really well together to transform the plain space into an artistic sanctuary.

The careful combination of furniture with both bright and calm colours boosts the energetic atmosphere in the area even further, inviting you to take a seat, engage, relax and spend quality time together with the people you love.

To contrast and tone down the exuberance of the living area, the dining space is a bit more subdued. The visual consistency is ensured through the introduction of artwork that ties in nicely with the living room concept.

A glossy table countertop looks lush while also being very easy to clean and keep spotless. The dining chairs were chosen for comfort. The classic appearance of the dining area gives an intriguing contrast to the more energetic pieces in the living room. Finally, to add that much-needed splash of luxury, we opted for a spectacular crystal chandelier above the dining room table.

White marble floors in this area, as well as in the entertainment centre, tie the entire open layout concept together.

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The kitchen is another functional part of the flat that benefits from both practical and aesthetic choices.

We added a feature wall to create visual consistency throughout the condo interior design. Unlike the black and unobtrusive one in the entertainment centre, this wall is crafted from the most colourful and visually stimulating natural marble.

Marble is one of those materials that exudes richness and uniqueness with every single slab. As a result, it’s the perfect choice for cohesive designs that carry a lot of character with every single element.

Custom cabinetry was also chosen for the kitchen to optimise the storage space. There are also built-in spaces for the most prominent appliances like the dishwasher, oven and microwave.

To break up the space and create a social focal point, we added a kitchen island with a white, glossy tabletop and a marble side that ties in with the feature wall and the sink backsplash.

emerald hill

The one space that probably strays away from the overall clean luxury concept is the master bedroom. it was executed in warmer, vibrant tones with a bit of ethnic appeal.

A colourful rug and the bedspread in contrasting tones look as if they shouldn’t work together but they actually do. These are the two vibrant aspects in a room that is otherwise warm but neutral. We played with various textures – the wood of the floor, silky smooth curtains and a shaggy carpet – to turn the space into a comfortable sanctuary.

Like the other two spaces already mentioned, this part of the condo has its own custom-made feature wall. It houses the large TV screen while also concealing a ton of storage space.

emerald hill

The second bedroom is executed in black and white for a more youthful and chic ambiance. A warm, polished wooden floor creates contrast and adds warmth to the space. A large feature wall that houses a TV screen is positioned right across the bed. Not only does it house the room’s entertainment system, it also provides sufficient storage space that has been tucked neatly behind the white bespoke surface.

emerald hill

With our bathroom work, we chose to emphasise the best features of every single space.

The master bathroom, just like the master bedroom, is executed in warmer tones than the rest of the condo interior design. We chose a marble countertop in black and a backsplash in brownish-beige tones. Two side by side sinks increase the practical appeal of the space, turning it into the perfect choice for a busy couple.

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The second bedroom, meant to be used by the family’s daughter, carries a highly contrasting black and white concept. Matte and glossy surfaces interact playfully to give a visual appeal in the absence of colour.

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Looking inside the powder room, we reveal a third concept that’s a hybrid between the two spaces mentioned above. Black and white dominate the ambiance. There are touches of luxury and vibrancy through the addition of gold elements and a crystal chandelier above the counter.

Striking the Right Eclectic Chic Balance: What Does It Take?

As you’ve seen already, we’ve carried out several quite distinctive interior design ideas in this condo. Making them all work side by side is not an easy accomplishment, especially if you don’t understand the décor principles employed to make eclectic interior design harmonious.

If you’re looking forward to the execution of a similar interior design project, don’t hesitate to contact the Home Guide team.

We love working with natural materials and we also love giving our projects a ton of personality. Also, we’re up for a challenge so don’t be afraid of throwing a very unorthodox décor concept our way. We’ll take it and even elevate the idea to the next level.