AIG Building Software Company

A friendly and interactive space was created to enhance creativity and efficiency in the workplace. The workspace takes on a more open concept instead of the the boxy convention, making it more accommodating to the contemporary corporate life. The colour scheme is vibrant and the furniture design is made user friendly.

The client is a successful Software Company that specializes in Web Design and Development. As such, they required the interior design of the office to be highly collaborative and inspirational. The workspace needed to be designed in a way that will foster idea generation and collaboration from the employees. The team took all these requirements to heart and created an office space that is imaginative, original and efficient.

The actual layout of the interior design is extremely open and flexible. The space has no physical boundaries and the design was built on the concept of ‘agile offices.’ The office interior space is made to show no inclination of a rigid hierarchy system. Every aspect of the interior has been carefully crafted to enhance the creation and sharing of creative and innovative ideas.

From the contemporary materials to the soothing colour scheme and lighting, each area has been carefully designed to create the friendliest corporate environment. Even the furniture is extremely user friendly and could be customized to the users’ preference.

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There are no physical barriers between the workspaces. It is free flowing and dynamic, enabling free interaction. The goal was to successfully mimic the ‘agile-office’ concept like that of Google Headquarters’ but in a limited amount of space. This was achieved by creating a spacious and boundless floor plan.

emerald hill
emerald hill

A Welcoming Reception

At the main reception desk, the back feature wall and the adjoining waiting area were designed to create an uplifting ambience to invite customers and guests to the company. The uniquely designed reception desk defies the conventional rectangular forms, making it different and more visually appealing.

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Meeting Room

While traditional meeting rooms are always enclosed, rectangular and dull, this meeting room created by Home Guide is circular. The visual aesthetics of a circular meeting room made meetings less dreadful to attend and the semi-open concept of the rooms also made it less suffocating to be in for long hours. The centralized area is divided into two meeting rooms of two sizes – one round, the other slightly elliptical in form. A curved glass sliding door connects the two meeting rooms in the middle, so they could be combined when needed. The idea was to elevate the regular aesthetic to the fullest and create a more interactive setting.

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emerald hill

The Workstations

The workspace is extremely flexible and designed specifically for the comfort of the employees. The system furniture is interactive while providing an ample amount of individual space without the use of box-like cubicles.

In addition, the furniture has been specially designed to cater to personal work-posture preference. The height adjustable table is an innovative way to heighten with ease.

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Recreation Area

The best part about this office space is that it comes equipped with its own recreation area. There are various table games, a gaming console and movie watching area for staff to relax.

Right next to this recreation area is a side resting area that has been designed in a step-up formation. This could be used as an individual recharging space or a temporary huddle-room.

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The Pantry Area

A snack bar and coffee maker in a small alcove complete this fun office interior. It is not only luxurious but also incredibly energizing for the staff to have their own private pantry space provided by the company.

An adjoining sitting area divided by a sliding whiteboard adds to the comfort and appeal of this office interior. These facilities can also be used for team brainstorm sessions and discussions. The open space layout allows the users to utilize this area in one big group or few smaller ones without any hassle.