Kent Ridge Hill Residences Cluster House Renovation

Home Guide, a leading home interior design company and renovation contractor in Singapore, is excited to unveil our transformative project at Kent Ridge Hill Residences. Renowned for our creative and functional approach to unique home renovations, this project beautifully encapsulates our commitment to exceptional design, characterized by vibrant colors and innovative layouts tailored to our client’s unique preferences.
emerald hill
emerald hill
emerald hill

Living Room

In the living room, we have created a sanctuary for literature lovers, where the usual TV feature wall gives way to a more intellectually stimulating library section. The centerpiece of this room is undoubtedly the custom-built bookshelf, which features unique round nook shelves and round seating, transforming a standard bookcase into a vibrant, multifunctional piece. This installation not only optimizes space but also injects a dynamic pop of colour—shades of deep blue and vibrant teal—that illuminates the room, drawing the eye and inviting engagement. The integration of strip lighting within these nooks adds a touch of elegance, highlighting displayed items and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the shelf, making it a true art piece in the living area.

The sofa in the living room complements this centerpiece beautifully. Chosen for its curved design, it mirrors the round contours of the bookshelf, enhancing the room's flow and continuity. Upholstered in a soft, light grey fabric, it contrasts subtly with the vivid colours of the bookshelf while blending seamlessly with the overall colour scheme of the room, which includes neutral walls that serve as a calm backdrop to the colourful, lively accents. Positioned to face both the bookshelf and the windows, the sofa is ideally placed for reading in natural light during the day, while providing a cozy spot for relaxation in the evenings.

Attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the room's design. The windows are dressed with sheer curtains that gently diffuse the sunlight, casting a soft glow that enhances the welcoming atmosphere. A stylish ceiling fan overhead combines functionality with a touch of modern design, ensuring comfort in Singapore’s tropical climate. The flooring, a warm, light hardwood, complements both the furniture and the built-in structures, tying together the entire room with a natural, cohesive look. This thoughtful arrangement and selection of features make the living room not just a space for reading and relaxation, but a statement of design and personal style.

emerald hill
emerald hill

The dining area  is a testament to bespoke craftsmanship and thoughtful design, emphasising flow and functionality within the home. A standout feature in this space is the curved built-in seating, which elegantly arcs around the dining table. This seating is not only a structural highlight but also a centrepiece that introduces vibrant colour and fluidity into the room. Upholstered in rich emerald green, the cushions add a lively pop of colour that contrasts beautifully with the more subdued tones of the surrounding walls and floor.

This curved seating does more than provide a comfortable place to dine; it also incorporates a practical surface along its back that serves as a display area for ornaments and decorative items. This feature integrates style and utility, allowing for personal touches that enhance the homeliness of the space. Above this seating arrangement, pendant lighting fixtures hang, casting a warm glow that accentuates the curved contour and the vivid colours of the cushions, further highlighting this as a focal point of the room.

The dining table itself is a sleek, modern piece, with a simple yet elegant design that complements the built-in seating. Its rounded edges echo the curves of the seating, enhancing the flow of the space. Positioned strategically at the junction between the kitchen and the living area, the dining area serves as a transitional space that not only links these two areas physically but also stylistically. The open-plan layout ensures that guests can move freely between the kitchen and the living room, making the dining area a perfect spot for social gatherings or casual family meals. This seamless flow is accentuated by the consistent flooring and colour palette that runs throughout the residence, creating a cohesive and inviting environment.

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Our expansion of kitchen epitomises contemporary style and tailored functionality. To accommodate the homeowners' needs, we strategically dismantled the wall between the kitchen and service yard, thus significantly extending the kitchen’s footprint. The result is a spacious culinary arena that benefits from additional natural light and an enhanced sense of openness.

The kitchen's backsplash is a captivating array of hexagonal tiles, carefully chosen in varying shades of blue and green to introduce a depth of colour that is both refreshing and sophisticated. These hues create a subtle gradient effect that adds visual interest and a sense of movement to the walls, making the kitchen an engaging space for both cooking and social interaction.

The cabinets, in a pristine off-white with sleek gold handles, exude a timeless elegance. The handles, with their metallic sheen, not only provide a tactile pleasure but also introduce a hint of luxury, standing out against the neutral cabinetry for a classic look. The design of the cabinets is streamlined, offering ample storage while maintaining a clean, uncluttered appearance that maximises the sense of space.

The blue of the dish drying rack and open shelving provides a brilliant contrast that is both striking and functional, acting as a focal point within the kitchen and harmonising with the backsplash. This pop of colour enlivens the kitchen, while the open shelving offers a practical display area for fine crockery or decorative elements, contributing to the kitchen’s homely atmosphere.

The kitchen's layout and colour scheme allow for a fluid transition to the dining and living areas, establishing an open-plan living space that is both cohesive and aesthetically distinct. The kitchen floor, laid with light tiles, complements the neutral theme and supports the overall design, ensuring the kitchen is not only a joy to use but also a prime example of modern interior design at its best.

emerald hill
emerald hill


The first-floor entrance to the stairwell at sets the stage for the home's flow and character. Here, the rich warmth of polished wooden stairs offers an inviting ascent, flanked by a minimalist handrail that rises in a sleek, unobtrusive line. The light from the ground floor casts a welcoming glow, illuminating the path upwards and hinting at the thoughtful design that awaits above.

As one reaches the second floor, the impact of our architectural transformation becomes clear. Previously, the landing was enclosed by a full wall, which resulted in a dimly lit corridor, with the only light source being a modest skylight. This barrier not only restricted natural light but also the visual connection between the stairwell and the adjacent master bedroom.

In a move inspired by the elegance of Japanese design, we replaced the obstructive wall with sliding windows reminiscent of shoji screens, creating a translucent interface between the master bathroom and the hallway. This addition allows soft light to spill from the bathroom, illuminating the previously dark corridor and imbuing it with a sense of openness. These sliding windows now provide a dual function: bathing the space in light while also offering the option for privacy when needed.

The transformation of the second-floor landing epitomises our commitment to enhancing the interplay between light and space. The newly brightened area now serves not only as a functional passageway but as a serene space for pause, reflecting the overall design ethos of the residence—a home that embraces both light and the art of living well.

emerald hill

The master bedroom offers a serene retreat from the vibrant energy of the communal areas. Here, the colour palette is softened to embrace a more tranquil atmosphere, conducive to rest and relaxation. A gentle pale green adorns the walls, providing a subtle backdrop that evokes a sense of calm and rejuvenation. This choice of colour brings in a touch of nature's serenity, akin to the tranquil hues of a soft morning in a leafy grove.

Continuing with the theme of colour, the green framing around the door to the walk-in wardrobe creates a soft visual continuity without sacrificing the room's peaceful essence. The frame's colour echoes the walls, further enhancing the room's Zen-like quality and ensuring that the space remains cohesive yet quietly vibrant.

Furnishings in the room have been chosen with comfort and simplicity in mind, maintaining the room's uncluttered feel. The bed is adorned with linens in muted tones, which complement the natural wooden elements seen in the window frames and the sleek, modern cabinetry. This fusion of modern lines and natural textures embodies the balanced, Zen-inspired aesthetic that is central to this space.

Functionality is interwoven with style; a ceiling fan above offers a gentle breeze, reminiscent of a natural wind, and ample lighting ensures the room remains a versatile space for both rest and activity. The master bedroom, in its entirety, reflects a haven of tranquillity, thoughtfully designed to be a personal sanctuary within the vibrant city life of Singapore.