Ki-mono @ JEM

Ki-mono, meaning Wood-Things, is a brand that aims to bring Japanese design to Singapore. Home Guide created a space that reflects the Japanese heritage of the designs, but showcased in a comfortable, home-like environment that would help the customer imagine the design pieces in their own home. Having successfully designed the Ki-mono store in OneKM, Home Guide approached this space with a fresh outlook, again managing to create a welcoming, Zen space.

Inspiration for the overall aesthetic was to be taken from a traditional Japanese home, creating a bright store with a Zen feel. It was important to show the Japanese element of the designs and display them in a way that translated seamlessly into a Singapore interior design.

When designing the OneKM store, the aesthetic had a subtle Japanese feel and it was a great success. So, when designing the store at JEM, a more literal approach was used and a Japanese home was created with an aesthetic sensitive to the products, highlighting them throughout.

emerald hill
emerald hill

Entrance with bamboo style tiles and sliding steel doors with a decorative grille.

Entering the store through a tiled archway that resembles bamboo, with doors covered in a decorative grille in a pattern created using the brand’s logo, the customer knows they are entering a special space. The designers decided to use a sliding stacking metal gate, rather than closing off the shopfront with a roller shutter- creating a more open entrance. Also, the tiled archway is angled inward, creating a sense of welcome, drawing the customer in.



emerald hill

The Ranma style lighting along the edges of the room, with timber ceiling beams, referencing a traditional Japanese home.

The interior has further elements that create the feel of being in a traditional Japanese home. The ceiling has been treated with horizontal timber beams, as with a domestic interior. Lighting has been added along the edges of the ceiling to resemble Ranma, a traditional architectural element to bring light into a space. Also, the palette has been kept neutral, with the pale gold of bamboo and creams of the rice paper walls found in a Japanese home. The only element in a differing colour is the large back wall in a bush green, which draws the customer in through the store.



emerald hill

The feature green wall at the back of the store, drawing customers into the space.



emerald hill

A raised pedestal to display promotional items is the only raised space in the store, highlighting these pieces.



emerald hill

A central space with timber frames representing a room in the home, with spotlights that show off the accessories in the space.