Kim Yam Heights

A partial home renovation in this apartment saw the creation of a Victorian walk-in closet that most can only dream of. An adjacent open-plan bathroom in marble and gold finish perfectly completes the look, bringing European style to Singapore interior design concept.

The apartment needed a clever solution for its wardrobe storage to display the client’s extensive collection of luxury shoes, bags and clothing. Also, the main bathroom needed modification to compliment this new addition to the house.

Custom designed floor to ceiling cabinetry was created to fill the walk in closet that became a dressing room of its own, catering to each type of item that needed storage. A small table and Louis XV armchairs in pale blue velvet are added to welcome one to spend time in this beautiful space. Finally, the bathroom is completely clad in white and grey marble, with Victorian fittings and touches of gold to add to the richness of the space.

emerald hill

The elegant floor to ceiling Victorian cabinets in pale cream is given a gold trim to add an element of luxury. Custom glass fronted cabinets are designed to individually house the exquisite collection of luxury shoes and bags, which makes them easy to find, as well as having them on display.

emerald hill

The luxurious Victorian design continues in the open plan bathroom leading off the dressing room. The exquisite Ball and Claw freestanding bath shines in this bright marble space, inviting one to step in and relax like royalty.