Kovan Landed Home Project Spotlight: When Classics Gain Some Modern Flare

Victorian interior design is timeless but it can be modernised through the addition of some contemporary elements. That’s exactly what the Home Guide team accomplished at this landed home at Kovan. Apart from choosing the right colour scheme and design elements, we changed the layout to suit the needs of the home owners in the best possible way.

So what exactly does modern Victorian interior design look like? Let’s go on a little home tour to explore a few of the most prominent home interior design decisions we made while renovating.

emerald hill
emerald hill
emerald hill
emerald hill

A combination of blue tones, gold elements and natural wood gives the wet kitchen that Victorian vibe and touch of warmth. Several elements stand out and make the kitchen atmosphere inviting while also highly sophisticated.

The traditional Chinese wooden bi-fold door frames had to be kept intact. Their ornate nature is a match made in heaven as far as modern Victorian interior design goes.

To modernise the appearance of the kitchen, we also added custom made cabinetry in blue, a marble-inspired backsplash and white countertops. These make the kitchen interior design clean and functional. They also serve as a nice point of contrast to the traditional elements, giving the kitchen a degree of eclectic charm.

The kitchen also brags chevron floor tiles and pendant lights to increase the eclectic and modern appeal of the overall execution even further.

emerald hill
emerald hill

White chevron wall tiles with beautiful marble markings have been used in the common bathroom for luxurious calm.

Since the space is fairly small, light tones have been chosen to create the visual illusion of a larger room. On top of that, the whites reflect light and make the bathroom appear much brighter and more spacious.

Marble elements are present here, just like in the kitchen. The sink carries the distinctiveness of marble patterns, enhanced through the selection of a matte gold fixture.

Overall, the common bathroom design has been kept minimalist due to the size of the space. Still, all of the essentials are available and the metallics in combination with the marble elements create a sense of luxury.

emerald hill
emerald hill

We will next head to one of the most important spaces in the flat – the master bedroom and the adjacent walk-in wardrobe.

Wood and rich, saturated blue gives the bedroom a sense of weighty decadence and warmth, while keeping the space minimal - a perfect showcase of minimal luxury. The bed and the large blue panel behind it are the two highlights of the bedroom. These have been framed with dark wood, as well as two large wall mirrors against a white backdrop.

Wooden nightstands with clean lines complete the picture with a beautifully minimal yet practical appeal, complementing the rich blues, the warm woods and the clean white backdrop.

emerald hill

The walk-in wardrobe also deserves special attention.

The light fixtures are the one element that stands out immediately when you take a look at the picture. Matte metallics have been utilised here, as well, to give the overall execution consistency throughout the space.

These lights work really well with the fully-mirrored door panels. Not only do these serve a practical purpose when the flat owners are getting dressed, they also result in a pretty appealing visual effect within the fairly small space.

The walk-in wardrobe also brags open cubicles for easy access to essentials and a vanity countertop.

emerald hill

New master bathroom layout

emerald hill

Old master bathroom layout

emerald hill
emerald hill
emerald hill

The master bathroom is a Victorian oasis that underwent a thorough transformation. We felt that a significant change of the space was needed to unlock its full potential.

The first step we undertook involved a layout change. The old working area was hacked to open up more space and give the owners the big bathroom of their dreams.

We also created a vanity corner to go with the walk-in wardrobe. This layout change allows for smoother flow of movements when one is getting dressed.

Once the layout changes were completed, we focused on the design elements that would create comfort and elegance in the bathroom. Dark blue chevron wall tiles were chosen for the shower area to extend the Victorian concept to this space, as well.

Venetian blinds were added to the side of the massive tub for added privacy.

Like the kitchen, the master bathroom features custom cabinetry that creates more than enough storage space. The master bathroom also brags matte gold fittings and fixtures that are luxurious and expensive-looking without being obtrusive.

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