Moroccan Tiles

The interior design of this 3-bedroom home was created around the concept of a monotone palette and wood elements. Custom storage spaces and child-safety considerations were incorporated into the design of the house while maintaining a pleasing and seamless aesthetic.

A minimalist, contemporary interior design concept was created for this home based on a monotone palette. To ensure the space did not become too cold or impersonal, our residential interior design team included visual focal point by introducing pattern and textures in the monotone finishes through unique Moroccan tiles. Specially designed cabinetry was created for each room to ensure ample storage solutions measured to the space and requirements.

emerald hill

A perfect combination of the home’s design elements can be found in the kitchen. Keeping the overall kitchen palette monotone, our interior design company created visual interest by selecting a stone textured laminate for the cabinet doors, and creating a unique focal point using black and white Moroccan tiles. Thus, a cool yet inviting space has been created in the kitchen, a perfect setting to inspire the creation of both local Singapore cuisine and more exotic dishes.

emerald hill

A striking focal point was created in the living room by creating a full wall of storage in charcoal black with inset display boxes. Panels of mirror in the cabinet create a graphic linear effect and reflect light into the room. Wood elements were added to complement yet contrast with the monotone palette. Wood columns running the length of the ceiling adds greater dimension to the home and giving it a stronger character.