Pinnacle@Duxton Renovation: Modern Fengshui Minimalism

Requirements for minimalism, Feng Shui and hidden storage spaces challenged and delighted the Home Guide team during the execution of this Pinnacle@Duxton project. Proud of the outcome achieved, we’re sharing some of the most exciting solutions introduced to match and exceed the client’s requirements
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Be Greeted By Clean Lines

Let’s start at the very beginning. A few things stand out about the entryway of the flat.

The original layout had the unappealing aesthetic of the standard bomb shelter door facing the entrance and this is in no way how we want anyone to be welcome into the home. That’s where we had to commence, concealing the bomb shelter with a hidden door that lacks the usual protruding door handles. This conscious choice creates clean lines and introduces the minimalist aesthetic right when you set foot inside the home – setting the stage of what to expect

The same applies to the lack of protruding door handles – another decision the team made to further streamline the design and make the entryway strikingly modern.

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Simple Functionality in the Dining Area

The white and grey colour palette from the entrance has been carried through to the dining area, kitchen and the rest of the flat. Wood laminates in a cool tone increase the sophistication and maintain the consistency of the overall palette.

Concealed storage and functional appeal mark the interior design in the dining area and the entrance. We worked on custom cabinetry for shoe storage. Additionally, some storage space was opened up to help keep clutter under control and also conceal the DB box.

While the dining area itself is minimal, it also guarantees comfort and allows for customisation.

The dining table is clean and functionality. As the table is extendable, it’ perfect for the family’s needs and for hosting.

Cabinetry has been used to separate the dining area from the kitchen, creating two designated functional areas while increasing the flat’s storage capacity.

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A Kitchen That’s Effortlessly Pristine

Ease of home maintenance was stressed particularly by the family inhabiting the Pinnacle@Duxton flat.

This requirement has been kept central in tthe design of all spaces but it is especially evident in the kitchen.

The compact kitchen space allows for moderate cooking. There aren’t needless items or appliances, resulting in a hightly optimised space and a food prep space that’s easy to clean and maintain in perfect order.

In the kitchen, we opted for made-to-measure carpentry to house the built-in dishwasher to create the much-coveted seamless clean lines. Optimal storage space has also been planned and executed in a way that helps keep most surfaces in the kitchen free from knickknacks.

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emerald hill

A Truly Multipurpose Living Room

The execution of the living room is the very definition of a smart multipurpose space. Due to the flat’s size and layout, there was simply no place to turn into a study. That’s why we incorporated the study in the living room.

The study nook is concealed from the rest of the space via a pocket door system. When not used, the study is kept neat and hidden behind it.

Order and minimalism are further achieved through cable management within both the study and the TV cabinet. No loose or hanging cables are in sight – minimal, clean and easy to maintain!

Like the rest of the apartment, the living room features ample storage spaces that have been cleverly integrated seamlessly into the interior design. The entire television panel features seamless storage and creates the illusion that the television set  is suspended in the air. Not only does this choice look futuristic and modern, it also keeps the cabinetry from looking chunky and allows for effortless cleaning.

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Feng Shui space planning is of particular importance for the family living in the flat. That’s why the interior design lacks yellow tones. In the master bedroom, we have also incorporated the element of stone – an earth element that’s linked to harmony and the maximisation of positive energy. It’s featured in the granite top of the bay window seating area.

The orientation of beds in the master bedroom has also been dictated by Feng Shui principles.

Apart from Feng Shui, the master bedroom also features minimalist comfort and more warmth than the rest of the flat introduced through carefully selected lighting.

The bay window makes it so easy to enjoy the view – it’s simply inviting and comforting. Like the living room, it creates suspended and concealed storage to maintain clean lines and perfect order in the master bedroom.

Custom-made side table and the bed head add an element of uniqueness and unorthodox chic.

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A Highly Space-Optimised Bathroom

As the common bathroom is fairly small, we’ve worked on making the space cleaner and more functional. We’ve also done our best to feature all of the essentials required for comfort and for an enjoyable pampering experience.

A bathroom niche was created to allow the seamless storage of toiletries. Not only do the homeowners have a distaste for traditional shelving, it can also make the bathroom look smaller and more cramped than it actually is.

The mirror door of the top cabinet is simple and functional. It also reflects light for added brightness. A bottom vanity cabinet utilises a space that’s often left without purpose.

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