Project Spotlight: Clever and Innovative Luxury at HarbourFront

Luxury isn’t about the money you spend on a home renovation. It involves consistently elegant choices and finishing touches that create a comprehensive, stylish vision. This is the kind of vision we worked on to completely transform a HarbourFront condo. The three-bedroom residential space got a powerful facelift and an upgrade involving a classic colour scheme and the selection of the finest materials.
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Welcome to the gorgeous living room!

It instantly establishes the colour scheme of grey and graphite tones. These are introduced in a completely natural way through the selection of marble and textiles in the right colours. Wooden elements and leather add a bit of warmth while fitting perfectly inside the luxurious, modern theme of the renovation.

The provision of clever storage for effective clutter control is another main focal point of the project execution. The living room features a concealed shoe cabinet with some storage space. While it’s big enough to enable the putting away of multiple personal items, the storage doesn’t interfere with the streamlined flow of the room.

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A carpet and shaggy pillows add a texture to the generally streamlined interior design concept. We also focused on key practical considerations for the living room.

Look at the beautiful balcony that’s been used to the best of the space’s capabilities. A sealed off planter box is positioned in one of the corners to add a bit of greenery to the décor. We’ve also chosen streamlined outdoor furniture to create a cosy, yet domestic-feeling seating area.

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The living room opens up into the dining area – a concept that we love due to the fact that it increases the amount of space and allows for a theme to be carried over from one functional zone to another.

Let’s explore some of the most intriguing solutions we chose for the dining area.

Do you notice the panelling behind the table? The feature wall actually holds a concealed door that leads to all of the other rooms in the flat. We chose a feature wall to lengthen the backdrop for the table. The hallway leading to the other rooms can cut off the space, which is why we put it behind some panelling. Not only that, the white rectangular panels break the solidity of the wall, resulting in a rather innovative room silhouette.

Since the dining table is the central piece, it’s a solid one. The glossy surface is easy to maintain in pristine condition and the table is sufficiently big to make the family feel comfortable seating together at dinner time.

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And here’s one interesting accent – a detail like the ones we spoke about in the introduction.

The display shelving is visually separated and it stands out due to the warm tones chosen. The glowing yellow allows the displayed items to stand out and it also adds a bit of luxury and golden sophistication to the selection of ornaments.

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A dry kitchen and a wet kitchen area have been put together to ensure practical convenience within the home.

The dry kitchen is a space aimed at minimal cooking. It’s perfect for food arranging and prepping delicious beverages. Decked out with a small mini bar and an island countertop, the dry kitchen is amazing for socialising and entertaining guests while arranging food or handling another culinary task.

Serious cooking is meant to occur in the wet kitchen. To make the space roomy enough, we had to hack the original maid’s toilet and extend the yard. This decision has provided sufficient space for the placement of some appliances like the washing machine.

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One of the spaces that underwent the biggest transformation is the study room.

Originally, it was supposed to be a bedroom. We redesigned the zone to create a home office that opens up into the dining area.

We used foldable glass panels to keep the study area from feeling cramped. At the same time, the panelling allows for some privacy and a distraction-free work at home experience. When the panelling is opened, more space is created between the dining area and the home office. This gets the flat feeling bigger and airier.

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The master bedroom is the crown jewel of the condo renovation project.

The huge, comfortable bed is positioned in a way that allows the inhabitants to enjoy natural light and the beautiful landscape outside the window. White, grey and black elements work perfectly well together to give the interior classic, timeless appeal.

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The master bedroom opens into a walk-in wardrobe that features both drawers and shelving. Needless to say, the drawers allow for the better organisation of clothing, accessories and personal items. Some of the most beautiful pieces in the family’s collection can be displayed on the open shelves that also ensure easy access.

Apart from featuring a walk-in wardrobe, the bedroom also holds some concealed storage space that’s perfect for the placement of extra linens, bedsheets and other textiles.

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Simple yet sophisticated, that’s how we’d like to describe this personal haven.

The master bathroom’s most distinctive feature is the luxurious marble. A large mirror helps add functionality and it also optically increases the size of the bathroom. All of the other elements are carried out in the same colour palette as the rest of the condo.

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Our final stop is the guest bedroom.

The guest bedroom is executed in a similar style to the master bedroom but it carries its own distinctive vibes. For a start, the bed is a raised platform – stylish and very comfortable at the same time. The large piece of artwork benefits from some functional lights that direct attention towards it and also give the room a bit of warm glow.

Do you like what you see? Would you like to have your home’s interior elevated in such a luxurious way? If so, contact Home Guide now. We’d be happy to discuss the possibilities and suggest personalised improvements in line with your lifestyle and your renovation preferences.