Project Spotlight: Modern Flow & Space Optimisation at the Flamingo Valley Condo

How can living spaces accommodate for the changing lifestyles of their owners? That’s the answer we attempted to find out during the execution of a Flamingo Valley condo renovation. What previously seemed to suit the owners was no longer working. Now, five years later, they needed more space and better organised storage. Also, a switch from industrial to modern contemporary was desired. To accomplish these goals, we carried out extensive layout changes in certain parts of the flat. To further polish the new look, we formulated an interior design style that focuses on a clutter-free environment that creates a beautiful flow throughout – A true masterpiece in home interior design.
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Old Layout

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New Layout

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An entryway is a frequently underestimated space. Still, it has to accomplish a couple of things. For a start, the entryway greets residents and visitors. It sets the mood and provides a glimpse into the rest of the house. Additionally, an entryway should have some functional appeal. It needs to facilitate getting dressed when living and taking items off upon one’s return home.

To enhance the functional appeal of the entryway, we chose a compact shoe cabinet. The niche is spacious enough to accommodate for a reasonable number of shoe pairs and small enough to maintain its functionality without being obtrusive.

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emerald hill

The living room already had the foundations of a contemporary space great for partaking in an array of activities. We did a highly targeted facelift to enhance the most prominent features even further.

The room already featured a white brick feature that we decided to keep due to the visual interest. Additionally, the team worked on the selection of the right light fixtures to match the character of the room. Venetian blinds were also added for both convenience and visual appeal.

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This is one of the spaces where extensive layout reconfiguration occurred.

To create more room, we took down the old island table outside the kitchen. That immediately changed the appearance of the kitchen entrance, allowing it to breathe.

Once the island was removed, we were left with lots of additional space for the placement of essentials in line with the owners’ lifestyle. For a start, the size of the dining area was expanded. Additionally, we created new storage cabinets plus an additional shoe cabinet space.

As experienced interior designers, we believe in the power of custom pieces. These simply fit a space better and allow for the optimal utilisation of available space. That’s why we recommended and executed custom cabinetry for the microwave oven.

The dining area was executed in the predominantly white colour scheme chosen for the flat. Grey accents create some visual interest without taking away from the sophistication of the monochromatic execution.

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emerald hill

The second space where layout changes took place is the master bedroom.

Originally, the wardrobe was the piece of furniture seen right off the bat as one entered the room. We had it relocated to make the bedroom airier and much larger in appearance.

Again, we changed the layout scheme from the previous industrial to modern contemporary.

White elements were introduced alongside dark custom cabinetry with gold accent trimmings. These added a sense of luxury to the bedroom, giving the owners an opportunity to relax and enjoy quality time together in style.

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emerald hill

The entrance of the master bathroom was relocated and we swapped the places of the shower and the sink to give this a better functional flow.

To further improve the usability of the bathroom, we added stylish and minimal shelving in the shower area. A concealed sliding door and feature wall was also installed.

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Last but not least, a thorough examination of the study area showed us that we could also introduce improvements to this space. To provide essential furniture pieces without making the study look crammed, we chose custom desk and custom storage units.

For even more storage, custom, full-height cabinets were also installed behind the desk space. Ideal for books, personal belongings and stationary, these clever storage solutions allowed for effortless organisation and decluttering.  The aim of these changes was to accommodate the needs of both homeowners as far as work from home arrangements go.

The power of custom solutions is great, especially when a flat owner knows exactly what they want to accomplish from an upgrade of the space. Needless to say, it’s also important to choose the right team for the execution of such a project. Well-made custom furniture, as well as other personalised renovation choices will fit like a glove and match the space 100 per cent.

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