The Pinnacle@Duxton

An apartment on Cantonment Road, this home needed to have the most made of its compact space. In particular, an efficient storage system and a fully spec’d kitchen were created in accordance to the owner’s requirements. The effective use of high-end finishes and top-quality appliances harmoniously create a luxurious ambience in the home.

Home Guide created a clean white shell by using high gloss tiles to reflect the light, which visually expanded the living space. Built-in cabinetry and appliances kept the floor space open, avoiding the blocking of flow and creating a seamless façade in the living room and kitchen. The simple yet stylish furnishing creates an impression of large open rooms is an ideal concept in Singapore interior design.

The dining room emanates a warm glow, welcoming one to sit down and enjoy a meal while admiring the exquisite view. The main wall is cladded in a full height bronze mirror which visually doubles the size of the room. The bronze also serves to reflect the light of the crystal chandelier and recessed lighting, adding a sense of intimate luxury in the dining spot.

emerald hill

HDB interior design requires a clever approach to provide as much functionality as possible without compromising on the space. Practical storage solution is achieved through built-in cabinetry while a sleek feature wall is designed with white, back-painted glass adding a cool feel to the home. The gloss of the feature wall and floor tiles reflect the recessed lighting, creating a sense of openness in the living room.

emerald hill

The kitchen welcomes the creation of a culinary masterpiece: with high-tech appliances, a sleek, black, wrap-around counter, easily accessible floating shelving, and light glinting off of every surface, this space was created for the serious home chef.