Ultra Supplies

Set in the Queensway Shopping Centre, this office space needed to be re-designed to stand out from the competition and portray the company’s position as one of the leaders in the industry. The existing space of 1000 square feet needed to be carefully considered, to allow for the 20 staff members and private offices for the executives. The result brought about by Home Guide is a sophisticated and bright example of an office interior design in Singapore

Established in 1977, Ultra Supplies needed their existing store to be transformed. The space was cramped and dark, making it difficult to accommodate all their staff. Home Guide was asked to recreate the layout to comfortably fit both open concept desk layout, storage space and create individual spaces for the executives.

Space planning would be the key feature in succeeding with the interior design concept while keeping to the regulations of Fire Safety Authority. The offices have been recreated to become brighter and more spacious, creating a more pleasant work environment for all of the employees. The design concept is fresh and clean, with a clear corporate identity.

The first change was on the façade. To visually separate Office Supplies from their competitors whom are on the same level of the centre, a sophisticated dark brown panelling was used, against which the yellow backlighting of the signage could stand out. The combined effect of the materials is a modern introduction to a cutting edge company.

emerald hill

The reception area with yellow lighting, to reference the corporate colours and create energy at the entrance to the offices.

The dark façade provides a strong frame for the entrance, creating contrast from outside, through the double transparent glass sliding doors and into the almost futuristic white interior. The entrance gives a sense of energy, with a high gloss white reception wall and the dynamic curve in the teak and white reception desk. The yellow backlighting and signage were also used here to continue the brand message.

emerald hill

Dynamic workspace with executive offices separated by frosted glass doors, and display unit.

The layout of the office was cleverly designed to allow more space for the employees to work and move. The dynamic curve from the reception was repeated in the desking to reference the corporate identity and improve ergonomic comfort while seated. The executives were given offices that have partially frosted doors which retain the sense of space and light yet maintaining some privacy.

A display unit was designed for the back of the space to display awards and certificates. With a dark timber frame referencing the external façade and a mirrored back panel that increased the sense of space.

emerald hill

Office space with open plan seating and storage units.

The workspace is a fresh communal area creating a sense of vibrancy and cohesiveness. All of the furniture was custom designed to fit the space and ensure maximum functionality. The full height pigeonhole unit allowed for storage of documents and products and it also incorporates a desk at one end.