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How It Works

We understand that finding the right interior designer can be a daunting task. Many homeowners focus solely on finding the cheapest package or securing the best quotation or even packages with freebies, yet overlooking the crucial aspects of design and material selection


That’s where we come in! Our design consultancy service is designed to revolutionize the way you approach home design


We encourage you to prioritize the design of your home. Our team of experienced and talented interior design experts is dedicated to understanding your preferences, aspirations, and lifestyle. We believe that every space has the potential to become a work of art, and we’re here to unlock that potential.

We offer affordable design services tailored specifically to your needs, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – creating a space that reflects your individuality.

By choosing our design consultancy service, you’ll benefit from:

Expert Guidance
Our team of skilled designers will provide you with invaluable insights, helping you make informed decisions about materials, colors, textures, and overall aesthetics.

Cost Efficiency
Instead of paying for an entire renovation package, you only pay a small fee for our design services. This ensures that you receive professional guidance without breaking the bank.

Time Savings
With our consultancy service, you can save precious time by avoiding lengthy renovation processes. We focus solely on the design aspects, allowing you to implement the changes at the design stage rather than in the middle of your renovation process. 


Don’t settle for less when it comes to your dream home. Join us at Home Guide and embark on a transformative journey that prioritizes exceptional design!

The design fee will be 100% waived when you engage our renovation services.

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