Quick and Easy Tips for a Fast Home Makeover before Christmas

Quick and Easy Tips for a Fast Home Makeover before Christmas

The holiday season is fast approaching and you have a few days before the Christmas celebrations start. If you want to freshen up things during this period, you can carry out a quick home makeover. Various new trends can give you inspiration to get started.

There are simple things you can complete in a short amount of time that will make your place even more festive this Christmas. Partnering up with an experienced interior design professional in Singapore could give you even better results.

To make the process rapid and to enjoy the results, you may want to employ the following strategic tips.

Throw Pillows and Rugs

One of the easiest things you can do is choose accessories to spice things up. No other home decor transformation will be easier to carry out.

A few throw pillows and rugs can completely change the look and feel of the living room or the bedroom.

Such accessories are also quite inexpensive (if you look to buy at the right places). Thus, you can carry out your holiday makeover without worrying about the expenditure. After all, the end of the year does come with financial burdens and you shouldn’t carry out a costly renovation if you don’t have the financial resources for it.

Patterns, geometric shapes and textures will liven up an otherwise minimalist room. If you’re tired of completely neutral designs, a pop of colour will help you resolve the problem.

Use Old Items and Give Them a New Life

Quick home renovations can also involve repurposed materials and old furniture. Such projects give you a chance to explore your creativity, carry out the makeover quickly and without spending too much.

An old crate can easily be turned into a coffee table or a headboard for your bed. All you need to do is sand the surface and choose a varnish of your liking. Going without the varnish will give the final piece of furniture a rougher, somewhat unfinished look that can still be quite trendy.

Do you have old chairs that you may end up throwing away? A staple gun and new fabric will make them brand new. Reupholstering chairs at home is a viable option – there are dozens of tutorials online.

The fabric colour and pattern selection is entirely up to you or you can coordinate the choice with your interior designer. A general rule of thumb is to go for bright and bold if the rest of your home’s interior design is somewhat subdued.

Re-Paint for a Splash of Colour

One of the simplest and most transformative home makeovers involves the use of paint.

All that you have to do in order to completely switch up the appearance of a room is paint a wall or all of them.

A solid colour is the simplest choice. Picking a new colour that’s quite different from the old one, however, will completely transform the energy of the room.

Alternatively, you can try doing patterns on your own. There are dozens of online tutorials you can try out. Some patterns and textures are very easy to produce and they’ll look beautiful, no matter how meticulous you are with the paint application.

Repainting a room or the entire interior of your home can be completed very quickly. If you have the budget to spare, you should consider hiring professional contractors for the job. They’ll finish much faster than you can, the application will be better and home painting solutions are pretty affordable. Don’t hesitate to look for quotes and freshen things up right before holiday season starts.

Add More Light

Christmas is a time of family fun, celebrations, laughter and light.

To get in the holiday spirit, you should consider making your home brighter.

Replacing lightbulbs with brighter ones is the simplest way to accomplish the goal.

You can also buy a few standing lamps to place in the parts of the apartment that aren’t illuminated in the best possible way. Changing old fixtures with something a bit lighter will also give you a good outcome in terms of maximising light.

The strategic placement of mirrors will allow you to bring more natural light inside the apartment. In addition, you can select beautiful framed mirrors that will act as the perfect wall decoration.

New Art and Souvenirs

For a quick Christmas makeover, you can select new art that will help every family member get into the holiday spirit.

Framed pictures and prints are a great choice. Both the artwork itself and the frame will contribute to the spirit of the interior. Art selection is reflective of your personality and style. Some choose black and white pictures because of their stylish purity. Others like modernism and splashes of colour. It’s really up to you to select what you’re drawn to.

Souvenirs and little knick-knacks are also ideal for a quick transformation. The best aspect of these items is that they can be brought out when you feel like changing the interior and stored inside a drawer when you crave a bit of minimalism.

Making your own art and souvenirs could be a wonderful project to explore with kids and family members. Not only will this be an amazing bonding experience, it will also result in some beautiful items you’ll end up displaying proudly throughout your home.

A quick home transformation before the holidays is still doable.

If you need a bit of assistance to get things going, you should get in touch with the Home Guide team today.

Home Guide is a HDB-licensed Singapore interior design company that has executed numerous residential projects through the years. We work hard to accommodate for the style, preferences and budgets of all our clients.

Whether you’d like to carry out a complete home makeover or a quick interior design facelift, contact the Home Guide professionals. We would love to make your home a better living space this holiday season.

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