Reducing Your Energy Bills through Smart Interior Design

Reducing Your Energy Bills through Smart Interior Design

Utility bills can easily add up to a large sum. One of the best ways to control the expenditure is to do smart and sustainable home changes. The right interior design company in Singapore will take this goal in consideration and develop a project that will produce a serious reduction in your energy bill.

Accomplishing the goal is possible in a couple of key ways. Here are a few of them.

The Selection of the Right Colours

Something as simple as changing a few colours in your overall interior design colour scheme can lead to serious improvements as far as electricity consumption is concerned.

The colour of the walls and other large surfaces is most important.

Light colours like white, beige and cream reflect light. This way, they make it easier to maintain a cool interior throughout the summer. The need for using air conditioning or another cooling system will be reduced, which will help for a lower utility bill.

Dark colours have the exact opposite property. They absorb heat. If a certain room happens to be colder than the rest of the apartment (for example, it has exterior walls or it’s facing north and there isn’t a lot of light entering), the selection of darker tones may be a good option to reduce heating needs.

Reducing Your Energy Bills through Smart Interior Design Using Right Colours

Choosing the Right Flooring

As already mentioned, the largest surfaces in the home will have the biggest impact on electricity consumption. Once your home interior design team deals with the walls, the right flooring option will have to be considered.

Certain materials used for flooring can help for the minimisation of electricity consumption in the apartment.

Marble and tiles are great materials when it comes to keeping the place cool.

Areas that will benefit from being warmer could use a few rugs or a fluffy carpet. These materials trap heat inside and they also prevent heat from escaping the apartment through the floor. In addition, rugs and carpets can turn into excellent accent pieces that create a bit of visual appeal.

Throw rugs would be best because these could be moved around on the basis of individual needs. These are ideal for placement on hardwood, tile, stone or concrete floors and they will contribute to an almost immediate change in the heat balance of the room.

Reducing Your Energy Bills through Smart Interior Design Right Flooring Like Marble

Energy-Efficient and Smart Lights

The use of lights contributes significantly to your monthly energy bill. Switching from standard bulbs to a smarter, more sustainable solution will have a highly pronounced impact on electricity consumption.

One of the biggest questions we need to address here is whether you can really save a lot by making the switch to energy-efficient lights.

Statistics show that US families that replace regular bulbs with Energy Star-certified bulbs save 75 US dollars (~98 Singaporean dollars) on their electricity bill. About five per cent of the electricity bill of a regular household is the result of using lights. Reducing this amount can produce a nice little saving on an annual basis.

There are various energy-efficient light options out there and your interior designer will recommend the solution that will give you the most comfort and the biggest saving.

LED lights are an excellent choice. Keep in mind that these will necessitate an initial investment that will eventually pay itself off in the form of electricity saving. Compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) lights and halogen bulbs are other options to consider.

Apart from choosing the right bulbs, your designer could also recommend smart features for reducing the unnecessary use of light. Motion sensors, for example, will switch lights on when you’re passing by. The light will go off on its own shortly after if no additional motion is detected.

Reducing Your Energy Bills through Smart Interior Design Using Right Lighting

Kitchen Appliances Also Matter

If you’re carrying out a complete home renovation or you’re furnishing the property for the very first time, consider the choice of efficient appliances for the kitchen.

The fridge, oven, coffee machine, microwave, dishwasher and other appliances used in the kitchen play a serious role in shaping up the electricity bill. Your interior design company in Singapore will recommend brands and models that correspond to your lifestyle without consuming an excessive amount of electricity.

Modern appliances are much more sustainable than older items. While they do cost more, such appliances provide a high return on investment in the form of utility bill reductions.

The energy rating of every single item will have to be examined before a purchase is made. Consult your interior designer because a professional knows the differences between kitchen appliances manufactured by some of the most popular companies out there. Your designer will keep kitchen functionality in mind while also helping you reduce your energy bill through appropriate

Choosing the Right Furniture and Placing it Accordingly

One final thing you can do to control electricity expenditure is choose the right furniture and have it placed strategically.

Heavier pieces of furniture that feature high backs and long skirts can reduce draft within the home. As a result, such pieces are ideal for the rooms that should be kept warmer. Skinny, minimalistic items are better for homes that are to be maintained cooler.

The way in which the furniture is arranged is also important. Circulation should be kept in mind whenever spots are chosen for every single item.

The main pieces of furniture should be kept away from HVAC vents and ducts. There should be some distance between furniture and a radiator, as well. Interior design professionals know these rules and they will recommend a good placement for every single room.

Even the interior design choices that seem to be insignificant at first will matter when it comes to energy efficiency. Don’t leave interior design decisions to chance. If you invest in professional assistance who are also HDB licensed and well-versed in regulations, you will benefit from an energy efficient and easy to maintain home.

Interior design teams like Home Guide can help you accomplish all of your interior design goals. Please don’t hesitate taking a look at our portfolio to get a better idea about what we do. Alternatively, browse through our blog to get a range of practical interior design suggestions.

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