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Interior design planning and the management of renovation work call for a tailor-made approach and experienced renovation contractor and every single time.

Home Guide has an outstanding reputation of an interior design company and renovation contractor in Singapore, easily maintained through the decades. We are known for our professionalism, attention to detail and flexibility. As one of the best renovation contractors in Singapore, we are confident to meet our client’s every needs through personalised solutions.

So, what is it like working with Home Guide as your renovation contractor, and why should you choose us for your office renovation or home renovation project?

Our Credentials as a Renovation Contractor

Home Guide is a registered and licensed renovation contractor in Singapore that adheres to the strictest industry guidelines.

Specifically for HDB renovations, we are a HDB registered renovation contractor in Singapore and will meet with all the HDB guidelines for your home renovation.

In addition, Home Guide is a renovation contractor that is a member of CaseTrust (Singapore’s de facto standard for all companies that want to ensure clients they’re committed to full transparency and fair trading practices) and a renovation contractor  member of bizSAFE (a 5-step programme tailored at ensuring workplace safety).

More importantly, we are also a insurance-covered renovation contractor in Singapore to help you rest assured every single potential emergency during the execution of the renovation project will be accounted for.

Our Partners

Not only are we known for our impeccable policies and execution, we also partner up with renovation sub-contractors and third parties recognised for their adherence to similarly high standards in renovation contructions.

Till date, our renovation contractor company have established reliable partnerships in all of the following areas:

Renovation loan support

Mechanism systems like home automation, soft closing systems, furniture lighting systems and a lot more

Worktop surfaces to give you access to the most innovative and durable products on the market


Kitchen, bathroom and lighting appliances



Paint and wallpaper

With these partnerships in the renovation industry, we can assure clients they’ll get a stellar outcome from their every single time when they engage us as their renovation contractor. The work ties that we’ve nurtured through the years as renovation contractors has allowed us to offer comprehensive solutions from scratch to finish. When you decide to work with Home Guide as your renovation contractor, you’ll be free from having to worry about any renovation aspect of the job ahead. We will handle the whole renovation process and make sure you’re getting access to the best solutions, supplies, appliances and comprehensive systems.

True and Tested Renovation Methodologies

Through the years as renovation contractors, we have come up with a tested renovation methodology that consists of several important stages

  • The initial (preliminary) stage:
    We believe that getting to know you and your space are two of the biggest essentials for a successful renovation execution. During our first meeting to discuss the renovation, we will inquire about your preferred style, how much of an upgrade are you envisioning and whether you have a specific idea in mind for your renovation.
  • The first presentation:
    Based on the information gathered from the initial meeting, we will deliver a presentation focused on a couple of layout plans. You will get a better idea about the design concepts through references images, colour schemes and material proposals. At this stage, you’ll get an initial renovation quote so that you have a greater clarity in the financial parameters of the renovation project.
  • Second presentation:
    Following up on your feedback and our discussion after the first session, we will put together a second and final presentation that highlights every single aspect of the renovation project that we’re about to engage in together as your chosen renovation contractor. A revised renovation quote will also be given based on the amendments.
  • Renovation agreement:
    When you are satisfied with the second presentation, we will then proceed work on the agreed proposal. Upon the placement of a 10 percent deposit, we will commence the renovation work.

Envision Your Home with the Home Alive 360 Service

Through our years of experience as renovation contractors, it is often that clients may face difficulty in understanding and visualising what the professional design team is proposing. Hence, we have a visualisation service, Home Alive 360º, as the solution to assist our clients. This is a 360º tour experience of your dream space stitched together using 3D images.

It is a tool that allows you to realistically visualise and experience what your future home or office is going to look like even before we commence any home renovation or office renovation works. It is a design service prior to any contract commitment to engage us as your renovation contractor.

The visualisation service consists of two key stages. In the first stage, we will create several layout plans, accompanied by a proposal of detailed and elevation drawing, material selection, colour scheme, ceiling and lighting plan. Once these drawings and proposals are finalised, we will create a 360-degree drawing that visualises every single detail.

At stage two, you will be provided with the 360-degree drawing that’s based on our preliminary work and your input. Keep in mind that the service is limited to one amendment of the 3D drawing.

Take It a Step Further with the Interior Design Consultancy Solutions

Imagine the following scenario – you have no idea what you want your home or office to look like. Alternatively, you’ve come up with a vague concept but you don’t know just how feasible it is.

In this case, our interior design consultancy service is just the one you’re looking for. You’ll get access to our feasibility study, conceptual design and a final revision that will highlight every single aspect of the project.

The design service does not involve the actual execution of the project. Once we finalise the design concept, you can then decide to explore other renovation solutions at Home Guide if you want us to manage the renovation itself, or look externally.

Our Service Policy

Home Guide has an extensive service policy you’ll be acquainted with fully before choosing us as your renovation contractors and before we commence work on any interior design or renovation project.

Our service policy covers just about every aspect of the interaction – from refunds, to handling defective materials and ensuring that the project is completed within the agreed-upon timeframe.

We encourage you to familiarise yourself with our service policy before signing an agreement with us as your renovation contractor. If you have any questions or objections about it, we will certainly want to discuss these before the commencement of the project.

The Home Guide Warranty

Because we’re confident in the quality of the work that we do as renovation contractors, Home Guide gives all clients access to our warranty.

Here’s how it works.

Our warranty covers workmanship on cement works for a period of two years, workmanship on aluminium works and carpentry for a period of one year and a warranty of up to 30 years for various products covered by different suppliers and agents.

Each of these warranties varies and depends on the policies adopted by our suppliers. The mechanism system by Blum warranty, for example, is valid a lifetime. Laminate flooring by SupremeFloors comes with a limited lifetime warranty and worktop surfaces by Caesarstone have a 10-year limited warranty.

Please do inquire about the specific type of warranty you may be interested in as a part of your project’s renovation execution.

Renovation Job Site Management So You Wouldn’t Have to Worry about a Thing

If you need a comprehensive interior design and renovation service, that’s exactly what you’ll get when partnering up with Home Guide as your renovation contractor in Singapore.

The final in-demand solution that we’d like to present to you is our job site management service.

When working on your project as your renovation contractor in Singapore, we will have a designer and a site supervisor involved during every stage of the way. The job of these two professionals is to clarify all specifics of the design and renovation project and make sure that contractors are adhering to such essentials.

From observing the work being done by tilers and carpenters to making sure the final cleanup leaves the property spotless, it is our responsibility as your renovation contractor to handle everything so that you wouldn’t have to.

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to Get Started?