Renovation Journey- Skyline II Bukit Batok

Renovation Journey- Skyline II Bukit Batok

Residential interior design is always personal. At Home Guide Design, we take utmost care in articulating the personal preferences of the client into the actual designs. Learn how we find harmony between the clients’ choice and design detailing in the renovation journey of this residential HDB in Bukit Batok.

The Finished Work

This luxurious HDB in Skyline, Bukit Batok is the epitome of understated elegance. Just like the Skyline towers offer a unique but desirable landscape, this HDB offers an eclectic vibe that matches its top notch location.

The clients came for a design consult three months prior to obtaining TOP, which allowed the Home Guide team to make instant headway with the project.

This HDB is designed on the Modern Classic theme. The Home Guide design team went for a dual aesthetic by merging classical and modern elements in the same space. We used a timeless dark and light colour scheme which embodies this residence in sleek sophistication. Together, the furnishings, lighting and material finishes give off an upscale, high-end vibe that is the height of urban chic.


Interpreting the client’s expectation is extremely important while designing interiors, especially since residential projects are always based on personal preferences. We took some time to talk with the clients – a couple in their twenties – and deduced that they had a taste for a classic design. Since they came for consultation as soon as they got TOP, the early stages of designing started pretty quickly. As with most Singapore interior design projects, especially for HDBs, we needed to also take into account design and renovation guidelines.

The 3D Model

residential interior design renovation skyline II
360° 3D render

After some detailed discussion with the client, the Home Guide team created a beautiful and realistic 3D model of the home. The 360o animation of this 3D model allows the client to ‘walk’ through the design to get a feel of what the end result might look like virtually. This is a great way for them to understand the details and request relevant changes afterwards.

The Behind-the-Scenes Essentials

The actual site location was a five room HDB with simple white walls. It was a brand new unit, so it was easy to carry out each aspect of the interior design – colours, materials, furniture, wall designs and lighting – perfectly according to the final design that the clients approved.

The Challenges

Every renovation/remodel project can encounter small hiccups while the work is being done. It can either be the delayed delivery of materials, or some other site set-back. Home Guide consults with the client about every possible issue that can arise during the project so they don’t get spooked by the slightest bump in the road.

Before & After: Practical Detailing & Design of Each Room

skyline residential interior design original layout plan
Original Layout Plan
residential interior design bukit batok skyline layout plan
Proposed Furniture Layout Plan

Layout Changes

The original layout consisted of three bedrooms, instead of the proposed two. When you’re blessed with a large real estate, you can go for some of the most coveted dream home essentials; the most desired of which is always a walk-in closet. Therefore, the clients wanted to convert the second bedroom next to the master bed into a large walk-in. The solid wall between the two bedrooms was hacked and the second bedroom was successfully turned into a dream walk-in closet complete with a dresser and powder room.

The Bar Counter & Dining Area

skyline II site image of dining area
Site Image of Dining Area
skyline II interior design bar and dining area
Bar and Dining Area

The dining area and bar were designed adjacent to each other. The dining space was given an individualized feel with an elegant chandelier and a shimmery accent wall that has been painted a glimmering grey colour with Nippon’s special Momento Effect paint.

The bar counter is extremely classy with a vintage design aesthetic. It has more seating capacity as compared to the usual eat-in bars in residential projects and seamlessly connects to the hidden shoe storage area in the walkway.

The Living Room

residential interior design skyline II site image living area
Site Image of Living Room Area
skyline II interior design living area final
Completed Living Room Design

The living room has a ritzy, glamorous ambiance that has been achieved through strategic lighting and the use of deep, rich colours. The customized media wall divides the room visually, but the space behind still allows a glimpse of the bookshelf when one is seated on the sofa.

The Kitchen

residential interior design skyline II bukit batok site image kitchen
Site Image of Kitchen
residential interior design skyline II kitchen
Finished Kitchen Design

Small classical elements and dark tones are used in the kitchen interior to embrace a sense of continuity. The beautiful contrast between the dark cabinets and pale countertops prevents the space from looking monotonous. The burnished gold handles top off the design with elegance and sophistication.

The Master Bedroom

residential interior design skyline II master bedroom site image
Site Image of Master Bedroom
residential interior design skyline II master bedroom
View of Master Bedroom
residential interior design skyline II master bedroom 2 site image
Site Image 2 of Master Bedroom
residential interior design skyline II master bedroom 2
Alternative View of Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is almost unrecognizable after its complete transformation from stark to luxurious. It comes complete with a cozy bay-window seating area.

A lighter colour palate has been used to brighten up and set the master bedroom apart from the rest of the interior design. The bright white colour scheme coupled with the mirrors visually enlarge the space, making it seem more airy and comfortable. The feature wall at the head of the bed prevents the design from looking too plain. The tufted white cushion head makes it seem exclusive and luxurious.

The Walk-In Closet

residential interior design walk in wardrobe site image
Site Image of Walk in Wardrobe
residential interior design walk in wardrobe site image
Site Image 2 of Walk in Wardrobe
residential interior design skyline II walk in wardrobe 1
View of Walk in Wardrobe
residential interior design skyline II walk in wardrobe
Alternate View of Walk in Wardrobe

The converted walk-in closet has been designed with all-white wardrobes. This simple design is extremely elegant and would make it easy to keep the space clean. The vanity is strategically placed near the window because natural light is the best for putting on makeup!


Home Guide’s designers pride themselves on expert articulation of a client’s dream home vision into the perfect reality. This HDB interior design is the perfect example of how a simple concept was skilfully adapted into a trendy, stylish and elegant interior design.

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