Retail Interior Design and Retail Renovation

Make your Retail Space Shine and Capture the Hearts of Customers with an Outstanding Retail Interior Design

Have you always dreamed of building the perfect boutique retail store? You probably already have a detailed idea about the colour scheme, the arrangement of displays and the ways in which you’ll create the most alluring ambiance for customers to enjoy.

An experienced retail interior design partner that has a fresh and creative approach can help you accomplish everything you’ve ever dreamed of for your store, showroom or client area.

At Home Guide, we know just how much of an impact interior design can have on the appeal of your brand and your retail venue. We employ innovative tools and adhere to the strictest industry standards to give you an outcome worth displaying proudly at your retail space.

Retail Interior Design and Renovation in Singapore: The Home Guide Advantage

Store renovation comes with its specifics that you have to understand well. Whether you’re designing a tiny, niche boutique or a large retail store, you should be mindful of essentials like traffic control, branding consistency, the availability of enough circulation space and putting emphasis on the right products.

Home Guide’s team understand these essentials. Over the years, we have worked with numerous clients who wanted to give their Singapore retail space a facelift or a complete overhaul.

From tiny alterations to a thorough transformation – we’ve done it all. We understand the specifics of retail spaces. This knowledge and experience allow us to create the illusion of a bigger, brighter and more luxurious retail venue than ever before.

What’s even more important – such alterations and upgrades will not cost you a fortune. We firmly believe in giving our clients an optimal price to quality ratio. That’s precisely what you’ll get if you decide to partner up with us on a retail renovation project. Also, we’re so confident in the quality of the outcome that we believe your brand new retail space will deliver an optimal return on investment in the near future.

Reasons to Choose Home Guide for Your Store Interior Design and Renovation Project

Let’s talk about the Home Guide advantage in specific terms. Here are six major benefits you’ll get to enjoy if you partner up with us:

  1. We know what we’re doing: over the years, Home Guide has worked on the execution of various specialised and highly intricate retail projects. We understand commercial venues and we know what it takes to boost their usability and practical appeal.
  2. We fit as much as possible within your budget: you don’t need a massive budget to completely overhaul a store or a commercial space. Sometimes, small fixes will go a long way as far as impact is concerned. We understand these fixes and we make full use of them.
  3. No cookie cutter solutions: personalisation is the key to making a retail space shine. Our process involves getting to know your brand, your values and your goals. Based on this information, we design and execute a tailor-made solution that breathes life and charm into your retail space.
  4. Renovation loan support: if you need financial assistance to carry out a retail interior design and renovation project, Home Guide can help you secure the required funding.
  5. Comprehensive executions: from project planning, to supervision, coordination and work with contractors – we will handle everything. You can rest assured that everything’s under control while you focus on other important aspects of doing your business.
  6. When we’re done, you can immediately open the store: yes, our services are that comprehensive! We handle the cleanup, we handle the finishing touches. When we’re done, your commercial venue will be ready to become operational immediately.

The Magic of Home Guide Retail Solutions

At Home Guide, we believe that our work is our best advocate. That’s why we let it speak for itself. Check out our retail and commercial portfolio for a glimpse into our style and perfectionist ways

No Interior Design Vision Is Unachievable with the Right Partner

Do you have bold, modern plans for your retail space? Don’t give up on such a vision just because it seems to complex or costly to execute.

Home Guide is 100 per cent committed to making a client’s idea work. Depending on our interaction, we can recommend upgrades and ways of doing the renovation to yield a perfect outcome out of the commercial space you have available.

The Home Guide Commercial Renovation 4-Step Process

To offer our retail and commercial clients quality and consistency, we rely on a four-step process aimed at getting all parties involved on the same page.

Step 1: Preliminary Consultation – quality work starts with getting to know each other. We need to learn more about your business and your retail venue. Also, we’d like to hear about the interior design idea you have in mind. Based on all of this information, we can begin conceptualising an interior design proposal that meets all of your needs.

Step 2: Presentation – once we make sure we understand your preferences in their entirety, we will give you a couple of layout suggestions. The plans will all be personalised to the specifics of the space and they’ll also take your input into account. The presentation consists of 3D image proposals, a colour scheme proposal and an estimated quote.

Step 3: Applying Your Feedback – once you get the presentation, you’ll have a chance to share your feedback with Home Guide. Based on these comments, we will create one final revised presentation that suits your needs better.

Step 4: Execution – we are now ready to start working. The placement of a 10 per cent deposit is sufficient to initiate the process after we provide you with a final renovation plan.

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