Room Hacks for Budget-Friendly Décor Improvement

Room Hacks for Budget-Friendly Décor Improvement

You have your new space that you want to turn in a dream home or you’ve just realised that your flat is in desperate need of redecorating. Unfortunately, you lack the budget to carry out an extensive project.  You may think there’s no way out of the situation but this isn’t the case.

Interior design improvements in Singapore do not have to cost a fortune.

In fact, an experienced home interior design company in Singapore will take into account the client’s budget and the scope of needed improvements.

Certain renovations and décor changes can occur quickly, efficiently and without costing you a lot. Here are a few of these interior design hacks that will give you an awesome outcome while also helping you save some money.

Use Simple Vertical Storage Solutions

Effective Storage Solutions in a Small HDB Vertical Storage

Clutter is one of the biggest enemies when it comes to putting together a comfy and spacious interior.

Luckily, you can count on many solutions to improve home organisation.

Utilise the vertical space in your flat to ensure some order and get rid of the clutter.

Basic shelves are ideal for the placement of small knick-knacks, souvenirs, magazines, papers, files and other items that could be scattered throughout the apartment. If you don’t want to buy shelves, you can easily make them on your own. You’ll simply need a few wooden planks that are to be cut to shape and size.

Storage cabinets and bins are also great choices that don’t cost a lot. You can rely on those to get rid of the items that need to be out of sight.

Once you make use of the wall and even the ceiling to put away the clutter, you’ll notice a major transformation in the appearance of your living space.

Get Some Plants

Easy to Care for Plants that Will Transform Your Homes Interior philodendron

The benefits of having plants at home are so many.

Plants add a bit of greenery and lusciousness to an otherwise soulless urban landscape. In addition, many plant varieties have the ability to improve air quality.

Houseplants will also release a bit of moisture in the air to enhance humidity in an all-natural way, they can get rid of common toxins like formaldehyde, they’re affordable and there are some studies suggesting plants can improve your mood and boost your productivity.

There are so many affordable plants in Singapore gardening centres. When you visit such venues, do inquire about the care requirements. If you don’t have a lot of experience, start with plants that necessitate very little attention in terms of watering, fertilisation, pest control, etc.

Reuse and Repurpose

How To Bring The Shabby Chic Design To Your Singapore Home neutral background

Many items you have and no longer use or like can be repurposed. A skilled and creative Singapore interior designer will quickly come up with ideas that will breathe new life in your old pieces.

A wooden ladder, for example, can easily be repurposed in a shoe rack. All you have to do is place a wooden slat on each of the stairs and make them shorter as you go higher. This way, you’ll get a pyramid-like shape that’s widest at the bottom and narrowest at the top. This bare and minimalist contraption is the ideal choice for storing and displaying your favourite shows.

An old crate can quickly become a coffee table for shabby chic look. A bucket will become a lovely lampshade if you add a bit of glue and glitter to it. Trunks and suitcases are also great because they can be redecorated to turn into a little table that also features a ton of storage space inside.

Hunt for Affordable Furnishings That Look Expensive

Style and class aren’t about the price tag, they’re all about having a concept.

Hunting for affordable items that look expensive can be a lovely adventure that will quickly transform the specific room you want to enhance.

Thrift stores in Singapore can feature some amazing pieces that cost almost nothing but that look similar to expensive high-end furnishings or decorations. Flea markets can also contain some hidden treasures that await to be discovered.

Here’s a fun source of inspiration – this website shows you cheap pieces that look just like expensive, designer furniture. You can browse to discover items you like and to search for similar products in your neighbourhood or online.

Use Frames for Structure and Sophistication

Choosing Paintings for Your Home that Compliment the Current Interior Design

Do you have a favourite print or a poster you’d like to hang on the wall? Before doing so, put the piece of art in a frame (even if it happens to be a cheap one).

Frames instantly elevate art, photographs and even calligraphy printed pages. They add structure and they direct attention towards the visual piece inside.

There are so many cheap frames out there. You can buy a basic one and upgrade it through the use of items you’ve found around – seashells, bark, pebbles, little toys or figurines your kid no longer likes. Not only will you have a unique item to hang on the wall, the project can also be a lot of fun for the entire family.

Get One Focal Item

If you only have a little bit of money, spend it on one quality focal item instead of on numerous mediocre pieces.

A beautiful high quality rug can easily elevate the room interior and add a ton of personality to the space. The same applies to a beautiful piece of furniture or a larger work of art.

Good interior design needs a focal point – one that the eye will immediately be drawn to. The focal point can be decorative or functional. It’s entirely up to you to decide what you want to highlight.

Finally, if you feel overwhelmed and confused by the prospects of redecorating your home, hire a interior design company.

Working with professionals does not have to be expensive. Home Guide, for example, is known for putting heavy emphasis on client specifications and requirements. Let us know what you’re looking for and what the parameters of the project are. We will do our best to give you the outcome you want within your means.

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