Showroom Lighting: Highlighting the Best Product Features

Showroom Lighting: Highlighting the Best Product Features

Whether you display art, furniture or luxury automobiles in your showroom, you have to put emphasis on the product. One of the best ways to accomplish the goal involves the use of light.

Singapore interior design professionals will tell you that lights can be utilised to accomplish just about every retail interior design goal that you have in mind. Lights can set the mood, show potential buyers where to look and what to pay attention to. Lights can be both functional and aesthetic, which is why their selection should never be left to chance.

If you are trying to put together the perfect showroom, the following lighting tips can come in handy.

Choose the Right Type of Lights

The market features multiple options and many of them will seem like a good idea for showroom design. If you’re looking for the best, however, you should definitely consider the installation of LED lights.

LED lights are very easy to maintain and they’re particularly long-lived. Once you come up with the set up and deal with the installation, you’ll be free from having to worry about showroom lighting for many years to come.

These lights are also highly efficient and environment-friendly. As a business owner, you want to be seen as an innovator and someone who is socially-conscious. Thus, green choices for the showroom make a lot of sense and they will have a positive impact on your reputation.

Several other reasons justify the purchase of LED lights.

They are incredibly versatile and you can work on various different ideas with them. Light islands can easily be created to direct the attention to a product or a section of the showroom. In addition, LED lights are perfect for illuminated paths. These provide visual markers, directing visitors from one part of the showroom to another.

A few technical aspects of LED lights worth mentioning are the colour rendering index and colour temperature. The colour rendering index shows how accurately the respective light reproduces colour. When you opt for LEDs, your products will appear authentically coloured in the showroom. LEDs are also available in warmer and colder tones. While warm colour temperatures are usually preferred, colder ones could make sense under specific circumstances. To sum it up – you have many options to choose among and you’ll easily identify the one that’s just right for your showroom.

Consider the Primary Types of Showroom Lighting

Now that you know what types of bulbs you’re going to get, it’s time to take a look at the primary types of light used in retail interior design and showroom setups.

General or ambient lighting is typically the main source of light in the showroom. The general lights have to create a bright and cheerful atmosphere at the venue.

Task lighting comes next. It is more focused and it is usually needed for certain activities to occur. Task lights can be utilised at the entrance, in the checkout area or an office where visitors sit down to talk to a showroom representative.

Two more types of lights can be used in a showroom – accent and decorative lighting. Accent lighting has a pretty self-explanatory name. It is needed to put emphasis on a product or a specific part of the showroom that you want visitors to notice. Decorative lights aren’t mandatory but they could be used for some cool effects. Such lights can make the interior much more sophisticated and polished. Chandeliers and beautiful fixtures are typically required to accomplish the goal.

Work with your interior design professional to pinpoint the types of lights you will need in your showroom and to choose the bulb/fixture combinations that will give you the best results.

Think of Innovative Light Controls

Innovative technologies can make your showroom appear a lot trendier and original.

Various showrooms throughout the world already rely on such technologies. Motion sensors to activate the lights when somebody is walking in the respective section of the showroom are just one example of a cool and functional light control possibility.

One furniture store in the UK (Jordan’s Furniture) has made some excellent use of the technology. When someone explores the mattresses in the bedroom section, the lights in this part of the showroom become dimmer. The aim of this function is to create a more relaxing, home-like experience for the visitor.

You can have different layers of light that get turned on and off on the basis of the ambiance you want to create.

Automation systems, wireless control over the lights, customisation features (controlling the light, the music and even the temperature in the showroom) can all enable you to make on the spot adjustments. If you’re considering such smart automation systems talk to reps of your Singapore interior design company. Together, you will figure out which solutions are best and whether innovative light controls are really a necessity for your showroom.

Use Accessories to Brighten Up the Showroom Even Further

Choosing lights isn’t the only thing you can do to make the showroom brighter and more welcoming.

There are additional things interior designers can suggest for the purpose of increasing the brightness in the space.

Strategic mirror placement is one of the options. Mirrors can reflect the light, especially if they’re placed correctly to view the light sources. This way, you can keep the number of lights limited and still have the beautiful showroom interior you’ve been hoping for.

Mirrors are also great for showrooms that already have their lights installed but that don’t look bright enough. The mirror is an excellent low-cost alternative to the additional installation. Getting new fixtures installed is going to be costly, plus there will be some downtime.

Light selection is one of the most important prerequisites for a beautiful, impressive showroom. If you want to give visitors the ultimate experience, you should begin thinking about hiring an interior designer today. The Home Guide team has extensive experience in the field of retail interior design. Contact us today to learn a bit more about our projects and the things that we can do for your retail venue.

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