Shunfu Road HDB Interior Design and Renovation – Before and After Transformation

Shunfu Road HDB Interior Design and Renovation – Before and After Transformation

Sometimes the most satisfying projects to work on, are those where we have to completely overhaul a home, allowing us to start with a fresh blank canvas. This was the case when we were approached to create the home interior design for an HDB apartment in Shunfu road.

Knowing that our client wanted a space that would suit their needs, with both children and pets, we had to get creative with the renovation process. To ensure the finished look was both stylish and functional, we used a combination of fresh colours and interesting textures and created plenty of storage to hide the clutter of daily life.

This Singapore apartment is effortlessly sophisticated, belying the practical functionality necessary in every room. At Home Guide, we always strive to achieve a balance between form and function, and in this before and after piece, we show how we managed just that.

The Layout Plan of the Apartment

The Living Room Situation before our Interior Design Work

The living room started out as a gloomy closed space, with dated wall tiles and small grimy floor tiles. The room was dominated by the black shutters over the windows, which not only blocked out any natural light but also created a sense of heaviness.

The 3D Drawing of the Proposed Living Room Interior Design

The Living Room After our Interior Design and Renovation Work

After stripping the room entirely, we fitted timber-look vinyl flooring, adding durability and style. The walls were painted, we added texture behind the TV using a contemporary wallpaper and we replaced the dominating black shutters with softer blinds in light beige. The furniture is welcoming, and practical with the geometric rug and leather sofa stars of the show. Now, the space feels open and airy, perfect for the whole family, and everything from fun and games with the kids, to elegant entertaining with friends.

The Kitchen Situation before our Interior Design Work

The kitchen was one of the most dated rooms in the house, with awful boxy cabinetry, strange counter heights and a very 70s colour scheme. Even the tiling on the walls and floor was sad, and everything had to go.

The Kitchen After our Interior Design and Renovation Work

Like a big breath of fresh air, the new kitchen adds positive energy to the home, with fresh and modern fittings, perfect for a large family. We replaced the windows to allow for the free flow of light into the room. Timber floor tiles by Hafary, ad a touch of natural timber and the blueberry cabinetry with brass handles are a subtle nod to nautical style. Finally, we added integrated, above-counter cabinetry which blends seamlessly into the wall, providing valuable extra storage.

The Master Bedroom Situation before our Interior Design Work

This room was unrecognisable in the before photos. The space felt closed and boxy, exacerbated by the conducting running around its perimeter. Though the windows added natural light, the white walls and beige tiles were uninspiring and we could not wait to get started on the renovation.

The 3D Drawing of the Proposed Master Bedroom Interior Design

The Master Bedroom after our Interior Design and Renovation Work

As with many bedrooms in Singapore, space was limited here, so we decided to keep the space as functionally simple as possible, adding interest through our use of pattern and texture. We kept the bed elegant and simple and hid all additional elements in the wardrobe. To keep it interesting, we added Modernstone’s geometric wallpaper and then complemented it with strong vertical lines of parquet-look laminate by Lamitak on the door to the bathroom and a section of the wardrobe.

The Master Bathroom Situation before our Interior Design Work

As with the rest of the apartment, the master bathroom was dominated by dated tiles and exposed plumbing, but not of the contemporary edgy sort seen today. We knew the PVC piping had to go, and that some clever design work would be necessary to keep everything flowing correctly.

The 3D Drawing of the Proposed Master Bedroom Interior Design

The Master Bathroom after our Interior Design and Renovation Work

We love the final result in the master bathroom, with not a hint of the white and grey from before. We created a simple bulkhead to discretely house the plumbing, then drew the eye away by our use of texture and colour for the vanity and walls. We love how the Hafary wall tiles look just like natural timber, which contrasts with the reclaimed wood look of the vanity. We kept the room feeling open and light by using seamless floor and wall tiles in the shower to finish the look.

The Second Bedroom Situation before our Interior Design Work

The second bedroom looked more like a closet when we first saw it and it was dark and depressing. The same dark shutters that were in the living room were used here, and they did nothing to create the cosy feel of a bedroom. Our client asked us to convert this room into a study area, so we knew we had to get creative.

The 3D Drawing of the Proposed Second Bedroom Interior Design

The Second Bedroom after our Interior Design and Renovation Work

Once again, the most noticeable difference is the natural light that just floods the room. We replaced the windows and fitted them with frosted glass, maintaining privacy but welcoming light. We added a pop of fresh aqua on the focal wall to add a bit of energy to the room, and added functionality with a wall-length desk unit, with storage at either end.

The Common Bathroom Situation before our Interior Design Work

This was one room in the apartment that had been, at least partially, upgraded, however as the work was incomplete we decided to start from scratch with a new design.

The 3D Drawing of the Proposed Common Bathroom Interior Design

The Common Bathroom after our Interior Design and Renovation Work

We enhanced the narrow space by creating vertical lines with the Hafary wall tiles, which draw the eye into the room. Then, create openness, we lifted the cabinetry and created a floating vanity. Overall, we wanted to keep the design calm by bringing natural elements into the room, so it almost feels like a cabin in the woods, rather than a bathroom in busy Singapore.

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