Simple Ways to Bring More Colour into Your Flat (and Your Life)

Simple Ways to Bring More Colour into Your Flat (and Your Life)

How do you add more colour to your living space? That may seem like a simple question with an even simpler answer. But achieving the result isn’t necessarily easy.

Having too much colour in your flat can result in visual clutter and chaos. And if you’re afraid of taking it too far, your execution may seem meek and lacking in character.

Professional interior designers dedicate a lot of time to choosing the right colour palette that appears harmonious and allows for the execution of bright accents. If you’d like to bring more colour in your flat and your life, you should definitely consider learning from the professionals. Here are some of the suggestions we have for you.

Create One Accent Wall

One of the easiest strategies involves the selection of a fairly neutral colour palette and the use of a brighter paint on one of the walls.

Such an accent will break up the monotony of the gentler tones and also create a pop of colour that’s visible and impressive enough.

Accenting one wall is an excellent approach for spaces like the living room and the bedroom. As a rule of thumb, choose a brighter colour that contrasts the main palette. For some visual consistency, choose a couple of accessories in the same bold tone (throw pillows, a rug).

If you’re not too confident about executing a massive contrast, create visual interest by painting the accent wall in a tone that’s a few shades darker than the main colour in the flat.

Paint a Nook or a Niche

Does an entire accent wall seem like too much?  You can still employ the approach to adding more colour but make it a bit smaller.

Does your flat feature a nook, a niche or another recessed space? Use that architectural characteristic to make a brighter colour shine. This is also a great approach to direct some attention towards collectables, souvenirs or other items that you’d like to display in the niche.

As an added approach, you can choose a paint finish that differs from the rest of the flat.

A matte pop of colour is instantly going to get noticeable. The same applies to a coat of paint that brags a sleek and shiny metallic finish.

Employ the Power of Nature with Flowers

Potted plants or a couple of bouquets in stylish vases will instantly brighten a space and make it feel more colourful and exciting.

It’s up to you to decide whether you’re going to choose live plants or bouquets/table centrepieces.

There are easy to care for flowering plants that even newbies will be successful with. You can also go for decorative greenery that has beautiful, patterned leaves. Such plants don’t bloom but they’re still beautiful and exciting. Usually, non-flowering plants are even easier to take care of.

As an added approach, you can opt for colourful and exciting pots.

Replace traditional plastic pots with something a bit more exciting. Ceramic pots are solid, durable and they can be actual works of art. Don’t be afraid of going as eccentric as you want to, as long as the particular style makes you feel good and puts a smile on your face.

When in Doubt, Bet on Art

What’s more colourful than a painting, a poster or some intricate tapestry?

Many homeowners are afraid of featuring art because they don’t consider themselves connoisseurs. But you don’t need a degree in art history to appreciate beautiful pieces and display them proudly in your home.

We’ve already talked about choosing paintings and knowing how to buy art in line with your overall interior design concept. Here’s just one more important tip about the process – trust your gut. You don’t need a painting that costs a fortune. You also don’t have to worry about understanding styles and art movements. If you enjoy something and that respective piece makes you feel good, go for it. Just choose the right wall for the placement of art and make sure there are no other accessories/décor items fighting for attention nearby.

You can feature different pieces of art alongside each other and they don’t even have to be stylistically similar. That’s how eclectic interior design works and it can be a huge success as long as you’re consistent with your choices.

Bold Window Treatments and Textiles

Every single flat features lots of fabric. It provides amazing opportunities for the introduction of colour.

Window treatments like curtains are quite prominent and visible. These features make curtains a perfect choice for the introduction of colour.

Go for saturated, rich tones. They’re simple enough to look stylish and bold enough to get noticed. For some additional visual interest, opt for interesting textures and patterns,

Colour surrounds us and it’s a powerful psychological element. That is why you have to be strategic about its introduction in your home.

Let us be strategic together! Contact Home Guide if you want a bold, colourful, exciting and unique home. We understand the power of every single interior design creation and we know how to use it in order to renovate your home to a  Don’t hesitate to spruce up your flat and bring its best features forward. We’ll help you out quickly, efficiently and in the most budget-friendly way.

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