Singapore Families Gobble Up New 3Gen Flats

Singapore Families Gobble Up New 3Gen Flats

As Singapore’s housing market expands and changes, the Housing and Development Board (HDB) is working hard to keep up with new market demands. One of its recent initiatives is the Build-To-Order (BTO) sales exercise, which offers new flat owners the chance to customise their flats before they are constructed. Find out who can apply for the upcoming batch of 3Gen flats and how flat owners can customise these homes.

Generations Coming Together

The next set of BTO flats targets multigenerational families. HDB plans to construct these new 3Gen flats in Yishun, starting in May 2018. Any married couple or courting couple, along with at least one set of parents, may apply for space in the 3Gen flats. The flats will be situated not far from the Lower Seletar Reservoir, right next to a neighbourhood park.

Once a family is approved for residence in one of the new flats, they must remain there for a minimum occupation period, which is currently set at five years. After that, the owners can resell the flat on the open market, but only to another multi-generational family.

HDB Interior Design for 3Gen Flats

The interiors of these flats is relatively spacious (115 square metres of floor space) when compared with other types of HDB homes that are more space starved . There are typically four bedrooms, two of which include en suite bathrooms. Another bathroom is available for general use.

The extra bedrooms are a welcome option for many Singaporean families, who often have to squeeze into smaller flats in order to accommodate elderly parents with care needs. Thanks to the four-bedroom layout, these families now have the option of a little privacy, while still remaining together in the same home.

Popularity and Demand

HDB has built many of the flats since the BTO 3Gen project began, back in 2013. Recent developments at Tampines GreenVerge, Tampines GreenRidge, Punggol BayView, and Saraca Breeze have been extremely popular, with applicants quickly gobbling up the available units.

Not only are the Yishun flats brand-new, they also offer buyers the chance to take advantage of a newly expanded housing grant, which gives thousands of dollars to families, couples, or singles who are buying a flat in order to live with or near their elderly parents.

A Fresh Interior Design

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