Singapore Interior Design Upgrades: New HDB Flats to Look Like Condos

Singapore Interior Design Upgrades: New HDB Flats to Look Like Condos

Imagine getting an HDB flat that features condominium-like features without being overly expensive. This would be possible from now on, HDB announced.

On June 6, 2019, HDB reported that sleeker and more streamlined fittings will be available in built-to order (BTO) projects that are launched starting February 2019. Here’s the scoop on this major upgrade.

What Will New HDB Flats Feature?

Contemporary Singapore home interior design trends will be followed when it comes to the fittings and the décor of the new BTO flats. These will make the apartments much more reminiscent of condominiums than of traditional HDB housing.

New Housing Board flats will come with interior design upgrades like modern fittings, larger tiles, clean bathroom designs, thumb-turn knobs, streamlined door and window designs and various other staples. All of these will not have an effect on the pricing of the BTO apartments, an HDB spokesperson announced.

As per a statement by HDB deputy director Jansen Foo, the increase in cost for the installation of these new fittings is negligible. This is the main reason why Singaporeans will get to enjoy modernity in their HDB flats without having to break the bank on the acquisition.

Open-plan layouts will also be common among the new BTO flats.

To accomplish this goal and feature a condo-like interior, HDB went ahead to push both structural walls and supporting beams to the side. This way, the BTO flats feature much more unobstructed space that creates a sense of minimalism and airiness.

According to the HDB, changes were required due to the new demographic profiles of people acquiring BTO flats. New lifestyle trends also necessitate changes in the home interior design choices that have been made in HDB housing projects so far.

The Upgrades Keep on Coming!

While the HDB interior design changes mentioned above are some of the main ways in which BTO flats will be reminiscent of condos, these aren’t the only modifications potential buyers can anticipate.

Wear-resistant and glazed porcelain tiles will be used in the bathrooms and kitchens of the new BTO projects. These will come to replace the traditionally used ceramic tiles.

According to the official BTO announcement, the tiles will also be larger – a very prominent trend in contemporary Singapore residential interior design.

Scratch-resistant timber doors, innovative keyless gates and water-efficient fixtures in the bathroom will also be provided without a change in the cost of BTO apartments.

Obviously, people are excited about the new features that will become the standard in the realm of HDB housing. Some, however, have criticised the HDB because they’ve been left out of the new trend. Many Singaporeans took to social media to express their discontent.

People who have booked flats in earlier launches will not benefit from the upgrades. Hence, there have been calls for backdating the innovations in the BTO projects. People who already bought a BTO flat are inquiring whether such upgrades could be introduced in their properties without incurring additional charges.

It’s obvious that the HDB cannot please everyone and some will be left out of the trend. An official statement about eventual back-dating of the upgrades hasn’t been made as of yet.

A More Contemporary Appearance

Most of the changes mentioned above have been introduced on the basis of feedback that HDB received from flat owners.

The new flats are anticipated to be much more functional, spacious and aesthetically-pleasing. Changes in the doors and the windows are also expected to give tenants a higher degree of privacy than ever before.

According to a few potential buyers interviewed by The Straits Times, the new BTO flat fittings will benefit everyone, regardless of their taste and preference. For a start, people will have to spend less on home renovations and achieving a contemporary, condo-inspired look.

In addition, the new fittings and interior design upgrades are at least partially aimed at ensuring the longevity of the décor. Wear-resistant and scratch-resistant solutions will remain in a good condition for a much longer period of time, additionally reducing the need to spend money on future upgrades.

For many first-time buyers, the price of the property is one of the main concerns. In fact, Singaporeans may be discouraged from home ownership by the cost of acquiring and upgrading their HDB flat. Hence, the modern home fittings and interior design solutions could simplify the process for at least some of the financially-challenged individuals out there looking to get a new flat.

Keep in mind that financial reports suggest the average cost of BTO renovation is 44,000 dollars. While this sum also includes the cost of furniture (since many first-time buyers do not have furniture from another apartment that they can take to the new location), it’s still a massive sum.

Luckily, some of the financial burden will be reduced and even eliminated completely through the upgrades announced in the new BTO projects.

Getting Closer to Your Dream Home?

Having condo-like features in a BTO flat is a very positive and much needed change.

Still, building the home of your dreams could necessitate some additional work and a few modifications.

It’s possible to get to where you want to be without spending a massive sum on changing and improving your newly acquired HDB flat.

Singapore interior design companies that are focused on the provision of a high quality service should take the client’s budget in consideration.

At Home Guide, we work hard to offer the best possible solution for everybody’s needs.

Even if you have a small amount to dedicate to the improvement of your brand new BTO flat, it’s still possible to get the contemporary feel and the sophisticated décor that will make you feel perfectly content with your living space.

Get in touch with Home Guide today to begin building the perfect apartment. You can also explore our residential portfolio to get a better idea of our style and the types of work we’re qualified to do.

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