Some of the Most Exciting 2019 Bathroom Singapore Interior Design Trends

Some of the Most Exciting 2019 Bathroom Singapore Interior Design Trends

What does the beautiful, functional bathroom of the future look like? Does it have expensive tiles and a massive bathtub? Does it feature fixtures created to conserve water and reduce bills?

Singapore interior designers have their specific visions when it comes to bathroom design. There isn’t a single answer to the question what’s trendy right now. Several bathroom design trends have gained traction in 2019 and it looks like they’re here to stay.

Unusual Colours for the Bathroom

What colour palettes are most typical for bathroom projects? You’ll probably think of white, beige, blue and black at the top of your head.

These colours probably account for 95 per cent of the bathroom design executions. A new trend, however, is bringing some diversity into this part of the apartment.

Colourful bathrooms are becoming more common in Singapore as home owners are looking for something brighter and a bit more exciting than the standard neutral palettes.

Splashes of orange, red and purple can easily be incorporated in the design through the selection of the right tiles. The creative use of lights in the bathroom can also change the ambiance and bring some unusual colour to the interior.

Countertops featuring different kinds of glazes can also be used to have a bright focal point in an otherwise neutral room. Don’t settle for what’s typical and readily available. As more and more people are looking for colourful executions, the number of available products and accessories in unusual tones is bound to grow on the Singaporean market.

bathroom Singapore Interior Design Trends Unusual Colours
bathroom Singapore Interior Design Trends Unusual Colours

Floating Vanities

Typical vanities are solid and they reach the bathroom floor. Singapore interior designers, however, have started looking for more streamlined and innovative solutions. Thus, the floating vanity became quite popular in 2019.

Floating vanities add an airy feel to the design of the bathroom and they’re also starting to gain traction in other parts of the house.

The good news is that the number of available options on the market is growing. Floating vanities are crafted from solid wood and some lighter materials like vinyl. The colour and texture combinations are also endless.

A floating vanity isn’t a designer favourite just because of its appearance. The fact that it doesn’t reach the floor makes cleaning a whole lot easier in the bathroom.

bathroom Singapore Interior Design Trends Floating Vanity
bathroom Singapore Interior Design Trends Floating Vanity

A Vintage Comeback

While modern designs are always a good choice, some old-school classics also maintain their appeal.

Vintage bathroom design has made a big comeback in 2019.

Gold and brass elements, as well as elaborate shower head or sink designs have returned to Singaporean homes. Warm tones and exposed plumbing fixtures add a bit of depth and dimension to the bathroom, making the space very inviting.

Traditional modern bathrooms feature greys and neutrals. Stainless steel and polished chrome are two of the most common finishes. Brass and copper elements come in stark contrast with the coldness of the greys and silvers. Such warm elements create beautiful focal points and accents, especially when they’re not overdone.

Interior designers also have the opportunity to play with multiple finishes – glossy, matt and even satin. A material that’s not typical and a fun finish –what’s not to love about this retro comeback with a modern twist?

bathroom Singapore Interior Design Trends Vintage
bathroom Singapore Interior Design Trends Vintage

High Tech Elements and Smart Bathrooms

Smart bathroom solutions became an important part of interior design in 2018. In 2019, one thing became obvious – these technologies are here to stay and they’ll become even more all-encompassing in the future.

In 2018, many Singaporean homes got smart toilets that control the water flow, offer automatic lid opening and even warm themselves up for a more pleasant experience. Such smart solutions have now been extended to other parts of the bathroom.

Intelligent shower thermostats, automated sinks and built-in deodorisers are all available on the market. A bathroom can easily be transformed into a personalised spa that can “predict” the needs of the homeowner and offer an experience that’s entirely in line with these preferences.

Bathroom Art

As already mentioned, the standard bathroom format is getting a major makeover in 2019.

Many interior designers have started looking for innovative ways to make bathrooms more fun and inviting. Thus, they’ve introduced elements that aren’t typical for the bathroom into this space.

Artwork in the bathroom is a cool trend that we hope is here to stay. It adds a lot of fun and excitement to a space that tends to be way too neutral and personality-free.

Photography, paintings and sculptures have the power to create a specific room and brighten even the most mundane room in the apartment. The only thing to keep in mind here is that the respective piece of art will have to go through moisture treatment in order to remain in a good condition for years to come.

Unusually Shaped Tiles

A final fun bathroom interior design trend that deserves to be mentioned focuses on one of the most important products utilised in the creation of a beautiful décor – the tile.

Tiles are crafted from many materials and they can feature both beautiful colours and patterns. One thing, however, remains unchanged and that is the shape of the tile. They’re either rectangular or scale and there isn’t a whole lot of variety.

Singaporean homes have started witnessing the introduction of funkier tiles than ever before. Long, skinny tiles became a thing in 2019.

Many sizes and widths are already available on the market. These allow for the creation of intricate pattern and they also produce a very beautiful texture that can’t be achieved when larger tiles are being used.

You can have fun with the bathroom décor and break the rules of interior design to personalise that space.

Home Guide embraces new trends that result in a more functional, more beautiful and happier décor. We’ve worked on numerous residential and commercial bathroom projects through the years, focusing on both innovative and vintage trends.

Contact Home Guide today if you want a partner who’ll bring your bathroom design vision to reality. We know what it takes to make the most of the available space and to give you the outcome you’re dreaming of.

bathroom Singapore Interior Design Trends interesting tiles
bathroom Singapore Interior Design Trends interesting tiles
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