Start the Year Right: 5 Powerful Decluttering Tips for January

Start the Year Right: 5 Powerful Decluttering Tips for January

It’s a brand new year and the time has come for a 2022 resolution. Are you thinking about improving your living space? If so, the number one thing to do is get rid of clutter.

Clutter isn’t just unpleasant to look at, it can also have more profound mental health consequences. Studies show that clutter reduces productivity and it can also make you feel stressed out. Right now, we’re spending more time at home than ever before. It’s essential to put together living spaces that inspire and heal. Getting rid of clutter will thus turn into a key priority.

Even if you live in a smaller apartment like a 2-room BTO, there are powerful ways to become more organised and get rid of stuff that’s been piled on surfaces around the home. The following guide will acquaint you with some of the best decluttering strategies to employ this January.

Is There Anything You Can Get Rid of?

Adding clever storage solutions to your home is a great idea but before doing so, try engaging in another process.

The first step towards effective decluttering is taking inventory of your belongings and deciding what you can get rid of – one of the first steps in the KonMari method.

Over time, we tend to accumulate lots of stuff that we don’t really need and that we no longer use.

Souvenirs, home décor items, clothes, shoes, magazines, books, electronics, houseware and collectables can easily take over the interior design. Items that you once found useful and beautiful are now simply there because of habit and emotional attachment.

Try to take a detached look at your home. If you can’t, an interior design professional can consult you and help you pinpoint the pieces worth keeping. Everything else can be donated or sold to open up some space and allow the flat to breathe.

Clear Out Your Storage Space, As Well

What does your storage space hold right now? Chances are that it keeps lots of items you no longer need and will not be using in your life again.

If you’re going to be doing decluttering for the new year, you will have to involve your storage space, as well.

Storage spaces will slowly start to accumulate lots of… well… junk. Gifts you received but don’t like, questionable art, clothes that no longer fit, extra utensils, tools and so much more will simply be hidden there. Chances are that you’ve actually forgotten about many of these items.

Open up the closet and the cabinets and take a good look inside.

Your storage space should be organised in order to help you control the living environment in your flat. If it’s been a few years since you last cleared it out, the time has come for some retrospection and storage decluttering.

Minimise Your Storage Space

Once you’ve cleared out the storage space, try minimising it.

This tip may sound counter-intuitive but it’s actually the best approach to adopt in the beginning of the new year.

Buying new storage bins and shelves will simply prompt you to fill those out with more stuff. Chances are that a lot of it is stuff you don’t need.

Instead, try to reduce the size of your storage area.

By having fewer shelves to fill, you will become more selective about the stuff you’re going to keep. All of it will have meaning and purpose, allowing you to create a functional interior that resonates with your lifestyle.

Take Before and After Pictures

Do you feel like decluttering your entire home is too much of a project to take on in one go?

If so, you may need a bit of inspiration to get started with such a major endeavour.

Such inspiration can easily be found inside the very flat you need to clean out and decorate anew.

Start by decluttering a smaller room or a particular area. For example, you can clean out your home office or get your child’s toys organised.

To see how much of an effect decluttering is going to have on such a small space, take before and after pictures.

These photographs will let you carry out a side-by-side comparison. They’ll show you how dramatic the change can be. By looking at such pictures, you’ll find the inspiration to go through your entire home and maximise the usable space in it.

Keep Some of Your Shelving Empty

It’s always a good idea to have some room to grow.

Shelves that are jam-packed with stuff don’t leave any room for growth. This can be especially troublesome if you have a collection or like adding new books to your library (or spice jars to your kitchen).

A general rule of thumb is to leave a little bit of each shelf empty.

Interior designers suggest keeping at least 10 percent of storage units (regardless of what they are) free from stuff. By doing so, you’ll keep items organized and you’ll also have a bit of space for new worthy additions.

As you can see, a thorough decluttering project to start the year off right doesn’t have to be difficult or resource-intensive.

Still, you may be clueless about getting re-organised and refreshing your living space.

Home Guide can help you.

Our home interior design experts will transform your flat, free up space with our space planning expertise and help you bring order where chaos used to reign. Contact us now to begin this exciting new journey.

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