Taking a Look Back at the Interior Design Trends That Defined 2020

Taking a Look Back at the Interior Design Trends That Defined 2020

Looking back at 2020, we can say one thing for sure – it was a pretty hectic year that most of us will remember for life. The global developments that marked just about every aspect of life had their effect on interior design, as well.

What were some of the prominent design trends of 2020 and are they here to stay? The following retrospection will explore these trends, their origins and how they contributed (or didn’t) to the long-term evolution of home interior design.

Home Offices and Flexible Work Spaces

Needless to say, this is the most prominent design trend of 2020. Social distancing and lockdowns forced many professionals to work from home. As a result, most had to shape up a work corner, a home office or another space for the purpose of completing professional tasks away from the office.

We’ve already written about the importance of home offices due to the circuit breaker measures introduced in Singapore. Luckily, numerous setups are possible and these allow the creation of a study (or a work zone) in a small flat.

Taking in consideration the way in which the pandemic is evolving, the home office is here to stay. If you haven’t designed such a space in your home by now, 2021 may be the perfect year for the execution of such a project.

Office design has also been impacted by Covid-19. Many companies have downsized to smaller venues and we have also seen a return to cubicle-style arrangements that can ensure the safety of workers more effectively than the open space offices that dominated the corporate world over the past few years.

Bold Monochromatics Replacing Subdued Colours

During the year, there has also been a switch towards bolder and brighter interior design choices capable of making a statement, also consider the Pantone colour of the year, classic blue.

Monochromatic designs have been popular for a long time. The blocks of single colour can result in really impressive visuals that are stylish at the same time. Traditionally, these monochromatic executions have been subdued or focused on neutrals.

Over the course of 2020, many designers experimented with bold and bright monochromatic décors. These work really well, especially if the rest of the design is minimal to make the colour the star of the show.

Cobalt blue, hot pink, aubergine – these are all distinctive colours that are typically used as accent tones. Today, however, they’re used for much bigger monochromatic executions – covering an entire wall or livening up textiles.

Pale colours are now considered way too safe and many home owners are getting bored with those. It’s still too early to tell if the trend has longevity but chances are that bold monochromatics are here to stay.

Multifunctional Spaces

In line with the home office and flexibility trend, the prominence of other multifunctional spaces is also increasing.

There’s a well-defined movement towards higher levels of fluidity in interior design executions.

Many homeowners don’t see the need to give a particular room or zone in the home a fixed purpose and keep that the only one. Multifunctional spaces add value to the property and they also enable comfortable, fully enjoyable living in smaller urban flats.

Designers are zoning in on the full potential of the property more than ever before. This means no corner is left unused. Even tiny spots have the potential to serve a purpose or even two. From a study space for kids to an art zone, a little part of the room can easily be utilised to the best of its abilities through the introduction of clever furniture, movable partitions and the right accessories.

Wellness Focus

Bringing a spa to one’s home isn’t that difficult.

This is another design development that’s heavily connected to the social and health challenges that 2020 brought into our lives.

Wellness-focused interior design helps home owners and the owners of corporate spaces to concentrate on both physical and mental health.

From spa-quality bathroom upgrades to zen corners and meditation rooms, wellness can come in many shapes and sizes. Once again, this trend bridges the gap between the residential and commercial design executions. It enables the bringing of professional solutions to one’s home, reducing the need for people to live their space and head out there at times when such choices could be risky.

Art and Nature Inside

More art, more colour, more plants, more natural elements inside the home and the office – these have played a very important role in 2020 design.

We’re definitely seeing a shift towards better self-expression, brighter choices and more daring executions that sometimes break the rules.

Paintings and other art forms quickly bring a ton of quirkiness in interior designs that may seem subdued otherwise. There’s no need to be an art connoisseur in order to choose cool pieces – selection is a matter of personal preference.

Natural elements add the finishing touch. Plants can contribute to a quick transformation, not to mention the fact they have a calming effect. The use of natural materials is obviously an interior design staple. From wood to marble and stone, these materials are solid, long-lived and unique in their appearance. The use of natural materials has seen a renaissance of a sort over the course of 2020 and we project the continued emphasis on such items in the years to come.

Interior design changes all the time – a characteristic that keeps it cool and fresh with the passage of the years.

In 2020, we have seen numerous intriguing developments, including some incredibly beneficial and visually pleasing interior design trends that will remain in focus even after the end of the year. If you’re interested in these trends and you’d like to give your flat or office a facelift, contact Home Guide. We’d be more than happy to take on the project, enhance your idea and take the concept to the next level.

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