Tech Innovations Changing Home Interior Design

Tech Innovations Changing Home Interior Design

The world of interior design is evolving at the speed of light and technology is a huge driver. Practices that were the norm just a decade ago have been modernised or they’ve become obsolete due to tech innovation. Each new year brings on opportunities worth exploring and embracing and this one is no exception.

It’s 2023 already and we’re prepared for some exciting interior design modernisation in the home interior design industry. Here are the top tech innovation developments and the type of impact these are expected to have.

Augmented Reality Makes Visualisation Effortless

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual staging are two tech innovations that deliver lots of opportunities during the interior design planning stage.

They work very effectively because they offer real-time simulations and visualisations based on a current layout or the specific condition that a flat is in right now.

With AR, homeowners can take a real-time look at a certain room and the way in which it can be changed through the addition of new colours, textiles, accessories and other home décor elements. All of that’s possible via a smartphone app.

Such preliminary planning allows for a ton of customisation while also reducing the risk of costly mistakes. With augmented reality, homeowners can get a very accurate idea about the manner in which their space will be transformed. They wouldn’t have to spend money on expensive items and renovations that would deliver questionable results at best.

Interior design professionals can also enjoy the flexibility and effortless use that such apps bring to the table. AR can be used to verify ideas, bring them to a particular space and find out how simple tweaks can enhance a project or reduce its attractiveness.

The Connection between Artificial Intelligence and the Human Mind

You may be thinking that robots and artificial intelligence (AI) will soon replace human designers to conceptualise and execute projects from start to finish. This isn’t the case. Interior design planning and execution are highly creative processes that rely on human intuition and personal relationships  that machines don’t have the capacity to complete. Rather, AI and the human mind will work together to give clients better customisation while reducing overall delivery time and expenditure.

Artificial intelligence is a type of technology that has the capacity to grow and learn with each single project being completed. As the database is becoming more and more populated, the AI tool gets more sophisticated and capable of intricate solutions.

When interior designers employ AI in their line of work, they can always pinpoint the right choices, materials and procedures. This way, clients will end up spending a lot less on a project that takes into account every single preference they have.

AI is making interior design more accessible and flawless at the same time. While coming up with very specific renovation solutions and techniques, such technology can also produce spectacular visualisations aimed at helping a customer get a clear understanding of the path ahead.

3D Printing Making Everything Possible

Customisation and tailor-made solutions have been mentioned a number of times already. That’s because more clients than ever before are looking for home renovations that are unique and personalised.

One tech innovation that will simplify custom-made solutions and make them more affordable is 3D printing.

3D printing has broadened the scope of possibilities in many fields ranging from medicine to aeronautics.

With 3D printing, interior designer and renovation contractors can accomplish a number of things. For a start, they can create three-dimensional models that give customers a chance to immerse themselves in the specifics of the home improvement.

Through 3D printing, renovators can also produce custom pieces for their clients – from art to décor pieces and accessories to furniture creation and even custom construction solutions.

Many professionals are already integrating 3D printing in their work very successfully – including furniture, decor, small scale models of the actual home and even entire homes. Apart from offering unique designs, they’re also crafting sustainable solutions and a speed of execution that can’t be compared to anything else.

Programmable Home Features

The last tech trend that deserves special attention in 2023 is programmable home features. This trend is in line with the other innovations that give homeowners more control over the execution of the project and over their environment. In other words, it produces smart homes that change alongside the people that inhabit them.

With programmable home features, Singaporeans can adjust just about every element in their living space. Light intensity and colour, air humidity, temperature, security features, cleaning solutions and even cooking can all be programmed and controlled via an app (yes, that means remote capabilities).

These aspects of programmable home control are just the beginning of something much larger. When paired with AI, such technologies will soon “know” enough about the lifestyle and the preferences of the homeowner. As a result, they’ll come up with predictive programmable solutions that will optimise the environment beyond what’s possible with mass-manufactured interior design products today.

We are entering an exciting new stage in the interior design field. Technology is broadening horizons and offering capabilities that more and more home renovation professionals are becoming comfortable with.

Home Guide’s team has always prided itself in the openness to new solutions and procedures. If you’re eager to employ tech-based renovation for your living space, contact Home Guide now. We’ll suggest the solutions and carry out the execution that make the most sense and will yield an optimal return on investment.

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