Tech Startups and Interior Design: How to Create the Perfect Workspace to Foster Innovation?

Tech Startups and Interior Design: How to Create the Perfect Workspace to Foster Innovation?

Is the workplace environment conductive of innovation? The answer is a reassuring yes. The best of minds need a bit of a boost to unleash their full potential and deliver beyond expectations. This is one of the reasons why commercial interior design is so important.

Tech startups work in a highly specific field. As a result, they need a workspace that corresponds to the needs and desires of professionals in the industry. An experienced Singapore interior design team will know what to focus on when it comes to putting together the perfect office for a baby tech company.

If you want your startup to grow quickly, you need the right workplace conditions. Here are a few of the ways in which you can shape up an ideal tech office for your company.

A Lot of Light

This tip is not specific to the tech industry but it’s so important that it has to be mentioned.

Natural light in the office will enhance the mood of professionals and help them focus on the most pressing tasks. This is why smart designers who specialise in the field of office design look for ways to bring more light inside the room.

The goal can be accomplished in a number of ways. The addition of skylights and windows is one of the best options, if such a project can be executed. It’s also a good idea to rely on reflexive surfaces like mirrored tiles, for example. These will reflect the available natural light, creating a brighter office.

Another great trick when it comes to lightening the mood (literally!) is the selection of the right paint colour for the walls. Light tones like white, beige and cream are perfect for making a gloomy office much more cheerful. High quality shades (also made of light-coloured materials) and minimal curtains are also going to be helpful.

How to Create the Perfect Workspace to Foster Innovation Natural Lighting

Common Area Design

Common areas play an important role in the world of startups. They enable employees to relax and communicate in informal settings. This is the place where many great ideas are born as a result of casual exchanges.

Spacious design encourages collaboration in the tech startup office. These spaces do not need to be cluttered with furniture or equipment like computers, printers and tablets. Minimalism is an excellent choice for a startup office. Not only will minimalist spaces feel larger, they will also enforce the cool and hip image of the brand.

Even if the office is a small one, it should still feature a common area.

This area could be a small room for chilling out or for group work. If the office has an open-space design, designate a certain corner and use portable dividers to give employees a bit of privacy. A sofa or a settee and a table will be sufficient for the common area.

How to Create the Perfect Workspace to Foster Innovation Common Area

Industrial Décor or Modern Art?

Innovation is all about forward thinking. This is one of the reasons why many tech startup creators are inspired by contemporary artists and the brilliant minds of today.

While minimalism is a great choice for tech offices, accessories and decorations can still be present to brighten things up.

Modern prints, posters and even abstract art can decorate the walls for the purpose of giving tech geniuses a bit of inspiration.

Startup companies typically feature small teams. It may be a good idea to get the team involved when it comes to the selection of art and accessories. Let everyone express themselves and their affinities. Collaborative efforts will result in a workspace that all team members will enjoy and will love spending a lot of time in.

The common area and the room where meetings with clients/investors occur are the spaces that will benefit the most from the addition of colourful art and accessories.

How to Create the Perfect Workspace to Foster Innovation Industrial Decor

Giving Employees a Bit of Privacy

While open offices are becoming pretty much the norm in the corporate world, it’s still a good idea to give every single team member their own space and a bit of privacy.

Open spaces encourage both communication and collaboration. On occasions, however, workers need to focus and be on their own in order to bring a concept to completion. Clever commercial interior design can be used to give every team member their own space in the context of the open floor design.

There’s no need to have separate cubicles for the purpose. The placement of desks and the use of movable partitions is all that you need to get the job done. Obviously, this goal will be easier to achieve in a bigger office. Even if the space is a small one, however, an experienced Singapore interior design company will know how to make the most of it.

Invest in Good Office Furniture

Just because something is trendy right now does not mean it’s the best option for your tech startup. Invest in furniture that is ergonomic and well-made. The quality is determining because it will keep you from having to replace the furniture too often.

Standing work stations have become quite hot but are they the right choice? If this is something you’re drawn to, you should at least consider hybrid stations. A bit of input on behalf of employees will also be beneficial.

Good chairs that support the back, desks, shelves and cabinets will also be needed. The good news is that the market gives you many options to choose among. All that you have to do is spend some time on acquainting yourself with the possibilities.

Even if you don’t have time to handle the task on your own, you can still get the job done. You’ll simply need to hire the right interior design team to deal with the setting up of the perfect tech company office.

Home Guide is one such team that has decades of experience. We take pride in the work that we do and we put tons of effort into every single project. You can go through our portfolio to get a better idea about what we do and how much we believe in personalisation. If you’re ready to begin working on the perfect tech company office, contact us today and let us know what you’re looking for.

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