The Best Ways to Transform Cheap Furniture into Something Stylish

The Best Ways to Transform Cheap Furniture into Something Stylish

Most of us have been there – trying to improve home décor or complete a thorough renovation on a budget. In such instances, cheap furniture comes to the rescue. The only problem with it is that it often looks… well… cheap!

Is it possible to get the sophisticated vibes that designer furniture brings to the table without spending a fortune? Yes, it is, if you’re selective and you employ the high-low philosophy and creativity. Transforming cheap furniture does take an eye for detail and some work but it can definitely be achieved.

Reupholstering Cheap Furniture

One of the options that will have the most notable transformative effect is the reupholstering of cheap furniture. Chairs, sofas and loveseats that are affordable will offer come with cheap-looking, synthetic upholstery. Switching that for something a bit more exciting will immediately uplift the appearance of the entire piece.

In that instance, you’ll only have to spend a bit on some nice fabric selection.

Smaller pieces like chairs can be reupholstered at home. And even if you have to spend some money on professional assistance, it will still be more affordable than trying to get designer furniture.

What’s the best fabric to choose if you want to give inexpensive pieces a high-end look? That’s really up to you and the interior design style you’re going for. Natural materials and fabrics that have some texture can easily deliver a more intriguing and visually enticing appearance.

Add New Hardware

Just like some fresh and cute fabric can immediately lift up seating, new hardware can have an impressive effect on cupboards and drawers.

The good news is that you have lots and lots of choices that will be practical and beautiful to look at. Also, a hardware change is so simple most people will get to handle it as a DIY project (you wouldn’t need a whole arsenal of tools to be successful on your own).

Generic handles swapped with something a bit more ornate and vintage-looking will quickly give your furniture some authenticity and depth.

You can also experiment with metals and fun colours. Bronze and copper are two examples that will give you warmth and something a bit more interesting than the standard hardware most furniture mass manufacturers employ.

Antique and vintage shops can also have some nice pieces you’ll get for a lot less than attempting to buy actual vintage furniture.

Try Contact Paper

Whenever you feel that a certain surface is quite boring, try changing things up with a bit of contact paper.

As the name suggests, this is a type of adhesive paper that can be used as covering on countertops, tables, cupboards and any other flat surface that you’d like to elevate. The front side of contact paper is decorative and it often replicates expensive materials (marble, granite) in a very convincing way.

Well-made contact paper is your best friend for the creation of accent pieces. And even if you don’t want to cover an entire surface, you can cut out shapes from it and have a bit of fun. The result will be custom, personalised and in line with your aesthetic vision.

Explore Metallic Finishes

Gold, silver and other metallic spray paints will add an instant sense of luxury. The trick is to use those sparingly. Making your entire home sparkle will take you to kitschy rather than sophisticated territory.

A simple metal shelf will immediately get the “wow” factor by adopting that metallic finish. It’s one of the ultimate hacks that professional interior designers swear by.

And if gold or silver aren’t your thing, there’s a whole host of other metallic finishes to experiment with. Pearl-white, copper, bronze, turquoise, grey and even olive green paints in metallic finish are available (as well as many other shades and tones). Have a bit of fun with those and go as unusual or eccentric as you feel would suit your home décor idea.

When in Doubt – Accessorise!

Adding valuable stuff on top of cheap furniture or accessorising a bit with quality pieces is the final thing you can do for a quick and easy transformation.

Good-looking throw pillows or an expensive rug in front of an inexpensive sofa will draw the eye to those pieces. When you choose this approach, the furniture will have a supportive and purely functional role.

Adding a nice candleholder to a coffee table or displaying a piece of art on it will have a similar effect. Don’t shy away from experimenting with accessories. Not only will they brighten dull commercial pieces, they can tie an entire home interior design concept together.

We all want that expensive-looking home and if the goal could be achieved on a budget, that’s going to be even better.

Are you dreaming of some luxury and elegance? Do you worry that your vision can’t be executed because you lack the experience to put together a balanced décor? Worry not, we have you covered! At Home Guide, we make it our mission to really understand and create homes people love spending time in. Contact us now to learn more about the process and get your home transformation started.

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