The Biggest Challenges when Working on Large HDB Apartment Interior Design

The Biggest Challenges when Working on Large HDB Apartment Interior Design

Decorating a small space to make it look spacious enough is obviously challenging. What happens, however, when a Singapore interior design company has to work on a large HDB flat? Is that a much easier project or does it also come with specific challenges?

Working on large living spaces necessitates a specific approach. Otherwise, a large HDB flat can end up looking empty and soulless.

Making the Space Feel Cosy

Making a small HDB flat look cosy is a relatively simple task for an experienced interior designer. A few rugs, some pillows and strategically placed accessories will create some warmth and excitement. When rooms are much bigger, however, getting the same effect will necessitate a lot more work.

Large open spaces obviously give the apartment air and make it feel roomy. At the same time, they could look empty and sterile. A home interior design company has to balance the two things together to create some ambiance while also keeping the benefits of the open floor plan.

The selection of the right paint colour will immediately make a large living space feel less intimidating. Warm tones are a good choice to balance out the emptiness. Adding some texture or a pattern to the wall will further the effect.

Creative use of light is also important. Ceiling lights and accent lights in warm colours will result in focal points that break up the emptiness without adding any clutter to the respective room.

Breaking Up Empty Space

Space is good – it gives interior designers a lot to work with. Too much space, however, will be very difficult to enhance and break up.

Breaking up an empty space makes the interior design dynamic. It also gives the respective room or floor some purpose.

When working on large HDB flats,  interior designers typically rely on a zoning approach.

This means that different zones can be created into the same room to break the space up and give it a bit of charm and appeal.

If you have a very large living room, for example, it can be broken down into several functional zones. There could be a television zone with a sofa, a reading corner that hosts the apartment owner’s library and a children’s zone that is equipped with entertainment, games and toys (as well as colourful storage boxes or shelves for those).

All big rooms benefit from being split into functional zones without an actual physical barrier used as a separator. Divisions are usually light, practical and flexible. These allow the family living in the apartment to change the zones upon necessity, increasing the size of one or completely eliminating another.

The backs of furniture, shelves and even semi-transparent blinds or curtains can act as separators without taking away from the airiness of the room. Low cabinets and bookshelves are other good choices for the creation of designated zones within a larger space.

Decorative Elements That Get Lost

When decorating a small HDB apartment, interior designers can use small and delicate art pieces or accessories. Because of the overall scale, these will be noticeable and impressive.

A larger apartment makes it difficult to rely on fine pieces and make a great impact.

Smaller accessories and works of art will get lost in the vastness of the space.

To overcome this challenge, designers obviously have to work with larger statement pieces.

Working to scale is essential for a residential interior design project. A big room calls for bulkier furniture, larger rugs, larger paintings and decorative elements. There could still be fine details but these need to be a part of a bigger composition.

Creating visual diversity still depends on mixing things up. The focal pieces, however, should be larger and to scale. When these pieces create the “framework” of the décor, the interior designer could also successfully play with finer and smaller items that add the finishing touches.

Proportion Issues

Very large living spaces can pose some proportion issues, especially in the case of open floor plans. One aspect of the apartment will look gargantuan while a smaller element nearby will appear to be completely miniscule and irrelevant.

Interior designers often have to balance out the proportions of larger properties.

Wooden panelling, architectural elements and screens can enhance the balance of the apartment. These elements result in improved scale and proportion and once again, they’re movable and flexible. If the owner doesn’t particularly like the way in which the space has been reshaped, the panelling can be moved around to deliver a more visually-pleasing result.

If a room is way too large for the intended purpose, it can be divided in two spaces. Interior designers often embrace excessively large rooms by giving them a creative twist. A master bedroom that’s way too big for a couple could easily be divided into a bedroom and a walk-in closet. Not only is this solution functional, it also adds to the value of the apartment. Walk-in closets are largely in demand and they quickly result in an upscale-feeling apartment.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to working on a large HDB flat project.

The preferences of the family, the renovation budget and the specifics of the floor plan will all have to be taken in consideration.

It’s also important for the interior design team to have some experience in the execution of large apartment projects.

Home Guide has an extensive portfolio of residential renovations and interior design upgrades. We know what it takes to keep the airiness of the space while also delivering a sense of warmth and comfort.

Contact Home Guide today if you want to make your large apartment cosier and more inviting. A few simple adjustments can result in a complete living space transformation, allowing you to fall in love with your large home.

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