The Client-Designer-Contractor Relationship – 5 Things You Need To Know Before A HDB Renovation

The Client-Designer-Contractor Relationship – 5 Things You Need To Know Before A HDB Renovation

Taking on a full-scale HDB renovation can be a harrowing experience, especially if you don’t know where to even start. Any project is basically a circle of collaboration between the client, the designer and the contractor. Each party has individual jobs to accomplish, but it is a matter of teamwork that results in a truly successful project. So today, we’ll be sharing how the collaborative process of renovation actually works, and what roles the client, the designer and the contractors play in it.

The One-Stop Shop

Renovatin Interior Design One Stop Shop

The very first thing you have to understand about the client-designer-contractor is that your residential interior design team in Singapore is usually the middle man, with a project manager to overlook the entire process. The design consultancy is basically a one-stop shop where you can get your design works and pick up a recommended contractor.

Designers work exceptionally well when paired with the right contractor, so you should always ask your desired consultant if they have any contractor they’d like to recommend to you. If not, you can always arrange for a bidding. The interior design company you hire should have experience managing HDB projects, including BTO and check with them if they have a HDB renovation package, they usually do!

Keeping Checks and Balances

Checks and Balances in Renovations

When you start any project, the interior design company in Singapore should provide you with an overall estimate of your project budget. They also keep a copy of the scanned estimates the contractor submitted at the time of hiring. With these copies, your designers can keep a check of all the payment schedules and the hows and whys of all the times the project has to go off-budget. This will keep your HDB renovation from going off-kilter

Both the designer and the contractor should be in tune with HDB guidelines and should have enough experience to avoid basic HDB renovation mistakes.

On-site Changes

On Site Changes During Home Renovations

One of the reasons any project can go off-budget is when the client demands on-site changes. This happens usually when the clients visit the site and don’t like what they see. It seldom happens, but when it does, the designers and contractors have to collaborate and update all the drafted drawings, 3D’s and even the BOQ’s.

An Exact Visualization

An Exact Visualisation of How a Renovation will turn out

The designers and contractors collaborate to deliver an exact visualization of what the client has asked for. This means keeping a stringent check on what goes on at the site. Sometimes, you have to keep a tight leash so that the contractor doesn’t deviate from the original designs. However, other times, unforeseen circumstances can lead to on-site changes that were not originally a part of the project. So always keep an open mind about these things or r so you won’t worry yourself too much during the HDB renovation process. At Home Guide, our Home 360 panoramic interactive virtual tour of the final result is definitely a game-changer in helping both clients visualise the end results as well as contractors to benchmark their progress.

The Importance of Due Diligence

Due diligence is basically staking out the potential – utilitarian, commercial and pragmatic – of the any site. Since designers need all of this data to create a holistic design, the contractor can help them discern this particular hurdle with some hands-on advice that they got from experience.

Home Guide Interior Design is an interior design and renovation one-stop shop. We fully understand and value the client-designer-contractor relationship. We’ll definitely consult you to get the best of each and every part of your project; be it visualization or execution. Contact us now!

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