The Craftsman Home: Warm, Comfortable and Charming

The Craftsman Home: Warm, Comfortable and Charming

What does a craftsman-style home look like? This is a beautiful and highly balanced approach to home interior design that most professionals in the field feel truly happy about. It is warm, welcoming and inviting. It focuses on fine details and impeccable executions. It’s the style you should choose if you want to turn your apartment into a real, cosy home.

So, what exactly does craftsman interior design entail? Here are some of the most outstanding and distinctive characteristics of the style.

The Origins of Craftsman Interior Design

Craftsman interior design relies on a lot of exquisite woodwork, custom cabinetry and the use of natural materials that can be turned into original pieces.

It’s the exact opposite of the mass-manufactured and readily accessible commercial decors of today.

Craftsman-style homes were popularised for the first time in the early 1900s. Leaders of the arts and crafts movement like Gustav Stickley and William Morris were also responsible for the introduction of this interior design style.

In those original years, a craftsman interior referred to home design that was practical, executed in harmony with nature and focused on locally-available materials.

Today, the craftsman interior design style is still based on many of those early elements. It employs simple shapes, a lot of wood, exposed joints, stylised fabrics depicting natural scenes (florals, animals, etc.,) and limited but well-executed ornamentation.

Craftsman Homes Today

The popularity of craftsman homes continues being high today because of their practical appeal.

Craftsman homes are clean and functional without being minimalist and completely sterile. This style maintains personality and warmth, without going in the realm of rustic or boho home décor executions.

In essence, craftsman interior designs bring the best of both worlds (modern and traditional) together.

The other aspect of craftsman interior design that appeals to many Singapore home owners is its originality.

Many of the pieces that a Singapore interior design company executing such a project will order are going to be custom-made. Hence, no two craftsman interior designs are similar. They carry a distinctive personality, they embody the spirit of the space and the views of the homeowner.

Defining Craftsman Interior Design Elements

We have mentioned some of the distinctive elements of craftsman decors already. Still, there are several other defining characteristics that deserve to be outlined.

Apart from wood, there are other materials that can be displayed prominently in a craftsman home. These include glass, stone, all kinds of metals, ceramic tiles and solid pieces of straight-lined furniture.

An interior executed in this style could feature a couple of elements like window seats, nooks and crannies equipped with functional elements, built-in smart storage solutions (hidden or folding shelves), panelled walls, open floor plans and columns or movable panels that define spaces.

Speaking of furniture, all of the pieces look prominent and they feature geometric shapes. Ornamentation is minimal, allowing the richness and the colour of the wood to shine through. Cast iron or other metal elements could be utilised as reinforcement or a bit of decorative work.

Upholstery isn’t very typical in the realm of craftsman interiors. Instead, leather and felt or suede are the preferred materials.

Light, Colour and Other Craftsman Elements

All of the colours used to execute a craftsman home are nature-inspired.

There’s the blue of the ocean, the green of the grass, orange and yellow coming from autumn leaves, brown, beige, pink and red.

Whenever dark tones are prominent, these can be lightened up a bit through the use of gold or other metallic. Shimmering effects and stained glass could be incorporated in the overall concept, giving it a bit of brightness and saturation.

As far as lights go, these are simple and functional. Fixtures aren’t excessively ornate – don’t expect to see a massive crystal chandelier into a craftsman home. Instead, look for brass or copper hammered fixtures.

Lamps are typically study and accent lights are utilised in functional areas (like above the kitchen countertop, for example). Heavy metal bases for freestanding lamps and geometric shape decorations are quite common for lights created during the peak of the craftsman era. Some of these authentic fixtures (just like some original furniture) are still available for purchase today.

All elements of the design in the realm of craftsman homes can be customised and enhanced to address the specifics of the space.

Storage areas hidden behind the wall panelling allow for order and effortless decluttering. Pull-out cabinets in the kitchen simplify the access to condiments, herbs and the other essentials required to prepare a tasty meal. Bedroom closets are integrated through the use of sliding doors that don’t occupy any space and allow the room to “breathe.”

These are just a few examples of custom-made solutions for craftsman homes in Singapore.

If you have a specific vision for your flat but you struggle finding the right furniture and home décor pieces in a store, a craftsman execution may be the right way to go.

It gives you the freedom to explore utilitarian, practical options or to even conceptualise your own furniture. And while most worry about the cost of custom-made solutions, these can prove to be more affordable and capable of producing a higher return on investment than mass manufactured items.

Home Guide knows what it takes to introduce all of the essential craftsman home elements while still keeping the concept fresh and exciting.

Check out our residential portfolio to gain a better idea about the work we’re capable of doing. If you already have a specific idea and you need a partner who can implement, contact us today to get started.

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